Sunday, May 14, 2006

Wool & Water

And lots of it. So many other people have posted fantastic post-mortems, that I have little else to add. It was cold. Soaking wet. I met bloggers, although it was hard find people under all those hoods and umbrellas. And there was wool everywhere.

Oh yeah -- and of course, Cate the Enabler was there to assist.

Yep, I bought a Bosworth drop spindle in purpleheart wood and some roving from Ingrid Byrd of Ward Brook Farm. My teenaged sick-kick Adge picked out the green/gold and plans to learn alongside me. So CUTE!

I also finally met Kellee, and yes, her hair is really that red. I also met Pippi, who is just as delightful as her blog/business would indicate. After emailing with physical traits to help us i.d. one another, I felt sure I found her when a woman with shocking pink hair walked past me. I felt like a fool when I squealed "Pink Hair? That must be her!" Thankfully she was much more socially suave and treated me to a cuddly hug. I also met Pippi's long-time friend Boogie (the designer of Knitty's Lolita legs) who I was eyeing for a bit because she has purple hair. Boogie, I apologize for being a stalker.

I tried to meet other folks at the blooger "picnic" but I was consumed with a 3 year old who, despite his brand new caterpillar rain boots, absolutely refused to walk anywhere. After an hour of carrying him around, it occurred to me that I could use my favorite wool scarf as a sling. While other people were chatting and snacking, I was hoisting Little Man onto my hip and dancing around with my newly freed arms outstretched.

Earlier that morning, I forced Little Man and Adge into various bits of wool and nylon. Little Man and I both wore our brand new SockaPalOOOza socks, and Adge wore my ArtYarns Supermerinos under her Converse. After pulling the handknits over her toes, she was converted, so I promised to knit her some socks. She picked out this Dorchester Yarns Sock Yarn for her first pair of handknit socks.

Unfortunately I couldn't get to the margarita-fest in Concord because Little Man lost his mind (as expected) and Adge needed to get home for a job interview. She got it too! Her first job. So CUTE! I planned to drive back up for the margaritas, but after seeing 3 accidents on the way home, I decided to count my blessings and stay home. Can we schedule a rain date on the drinking? Me likey libations.


maryse said...

sorry i didn't get to meet you. we probably stood next to eachother at some point, but to be honest, you could have bitten me on the leg, and while i might have been annoyed i wouldn't have known to be annoyed at you.

next time when it isn't so friggin' cold.

andrea said...

ah! and so it starts. from one who knows, careful! a drop spindle quickly turns into a wheel which just as quickly turns into a loom. i know because i just rented a table loom, ay. it's all very logical but still sneaky.

lovely wool, though ;)

wenders said...

I concur - a Boston knit-blogger meet up sans rain in NH is needed. :)

Cheryl said...

I missed you! Bummer. It was pretty hard to spot people in the rain though.

pippi said...

haha! you are drinkin the kool aid!
welcome, welcome to the dark side, my friend.
& the rain really put a dammer on my slim to none social skilz. (plus, kiddlets, already breaking down at that point; but, hey, that happens! and what can you do, but try to accomidate!)

hopfully next year will be nicer.

Suzanne said...

I feel so ineffectual having bailed. I am so sure I would have been miserable, since DH and PP would not have been sports in the freezing rain. My admiration goes to you for your intestinal fortitude.

Alison said...

hey! That looks very similar to my Bosworth spindle! (We have good taste.)