Wednesday, May 10, 2006

G.I. Joe wears a mohair poncho

Mom's mohair poncho is speeding along. Look how pretty the colors are. Can you see that I joined the new ball to create the neckline with virtually no color change? Yep, I'm proud of that. I'm less excited about how the colors "come together" on the other side of the neck. After much thought, I decided it was unavoidable.

Gratuitous Dog-Wearing-Poncho photo, because Danielle and I must use our shared window ledge for fun.

In other news, Wifey and I have been complaining for over a year about the old raggedy store-bought quilt that graces Little Man's bed. The quilt's previous tour of duty was through most of Wifey's college years, so it's taken a beating (drowning?). We've been oogling this Pottery Barn quilt for months, and I finally decided that I'm going re-create it. This will be the project for June (aka once the commissioned Puma quilt is done.)

Lest you fear that I've lost my marbles, there will be NO camouflage in Little Man's room. My Mom thought it was funny to include a vintage G.I. Joe in Little Man's Easter basket this year. Mr. Joe found himself face-first in the trash within seconds of arriving in my house. My Mom is sassy. Surprised?


Rhonda said...

It'll be a nice cozy quilt for Little Man. I just love green with blue! Or even green with black, but blue is better for a quilt.

Danielle said...

Hmmm, I meant to ask you how you are planning to recreate the quilt. Does it involve Marimekko??

christine said...

i love catalog pics. life is so perfect 'in there'. ;)

at least the g.i.joe was vintage. at least they didnt know better back then ;) plus, he might be a little more reasonably sized than the ferociously steroidy plastic alphas they sell now...

mamacate said...

Thanks for clarifying about the camo. I was just about to dipatch the lesbian parents political corectness squad to your house. Camo--little boys--shudder!

The quilt is lovely, though.