Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Craft Mania

I was stuck in the house on Sunday, preparing for a nasty medical exam, so I played the avoidance game and crafted like a maniac.

I finished piecing the center panel of the Puma quilt. I still have to quilt it, but here's the basic design alongside the original photo I was given.

I made a knitting notions bag.

And I made a knitting bag from a recycled thrift store sweater. I originally intended for the thrifty sweater to be ripped apart for the yarn, because I wanted to make a sweater for Little Man with this cornflower blue that matches his eyes exactly. But the fabric was too felted to be easily ripped apart, so I threw it in the washer and felted the thing within an inch of it's life. And now it's a bag.

Thankfully I got all this done because the nasty medical exam knocked me on my ass yesterday. The lovely cocktail of drugs I was given made the exam a whole lot less nasty, but I slept from 12 noon yesterday until 6am this morning. Yes, you read that right. I slept for 18 hours. And I'm still very foggy. I'm a terrible employee today.


Kat said...

Wow! That center panel is gorgeous. After all that crafting, no wonder you slept 18 hours.

maryse said...

nice work!

M. said...

Ugh, sorry to hear about that. But the quilt looks amazing.

Are you all dry up there, or are you swimming?

Local Egg said...

The quilt is GORGEOUS!!! Nice work!

Hope you are feeling much better today and that all is well internally.

Beth S. said...

Look at you, all multi-crafty! That quilt design is IMPRESSIVE!

Hope you feel better ASAP. (And I hope your house is dry, too.)

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I LUV the quilt-work! Would you be able to chart out the pattern for us? And don't know about you, but the rain has let off for today. Here's hoping for a dryer week!

Suzanne said...

Smashing quilt, truly. Hope the docs did their absolute best.