Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Weekend Update

Little Man's 3rd birthday and party was Saturday. Periodic showers didn't keep us inside (thank dog), so the kids ran around the backyard chasing the 5,000 balls we bought. We were blessed with a weekend-long visit from my Mom, and tons of friends at the party (including Marisa and Nina et al). For the first time, Little Man understood that it was his party, and I was moved nearly to tears by his expressions of joy.

In crafty news, I'm still working on the Puma quilt. As expected, I accomplished VERY little this weekend, so I'm feeling a little panicky about it. I even forgot to have my Mom try on the Poncho I'm knitting for her. Silly Mafia!

In other panicky news, Wifey is in LA for a few days, so I'm responsible for Little Man care and shuttling. When I dropped him off at daycare this morning, I had the following interaction:

Curious 3yoGirl: Hi.
Mafia (holding Little Man): Good Morning.
Girl: Are you Little Man's Mommy?
Mafia: Yes.
Girl: Where's his Daddy?
Mafia: Uh ... he doesn't have a Daddy.
Girl: His Daddy's at work?
Mafia: Well, no ... he doesn't have a Daddy. He has two Mommies.
Girl (clearly confused): Oh, you're his Mommy and his Daddy's at work?
Mafia: Nope, I'm his Mommy. He doesn't have a Daddy. He has another Mommy. He has two Mommies.
Girl: Two Mommies?
Mafia: Yep.
A Different Girl: I have ONE Mommy!
Mafia: That's great. Little Man has two Mommies.
Both: Whoah ...

At this point, I managed to run sneak away. It was TOO early in the morning to deal with the politics and potential fall-out of this conversation. Little Man is the only kid in the school with gay parents. The town is notoriously conservative. Parents might complain. I fear the worst. And of course, this HAD to happen when I was doing drop off. eek!

To prove that Little Man is growing up too fast for the Mafia to handle, here's a road trip conversation between Little Man and Adge (my 16 year old sister in law), while I was pumping gas:

Little Man: Damn!
Adge: What did you say?
Little Man: Damn! Mommy and Mama say that.

Dear lord, I spend a ridiculous amount of time protecting him from Disney movies, merchandized clothes and war toys, and it's ME that's warping his little brain. Crap!

Yeah, he said "crap" recently too. It was the same day that produced a very dramatic "Oh.My.God!" I can't imagine where he get's that from. I've switched to "Oh My Goodness," but I feel like a flaming ninny.


M. said...

Ha! You have become the person your mother warned you about.

But really: are you surprised?

Kat said...

My nephew was saying, "Damn it Luna!" at 2. Luna is his dog. My sister says that a lot.

maryse said...

little man is lucky he has two mommies even if one of his mommies needs to have her mouth washed out with soap ;)

mamacate said...

Oh, that sounds incredibly familiar. Henry was barely 20 pounds soaking wet and going around sniping "dammit!" with perfect inflection. Kill me now.

Need I mention the fact that we have had lesbian preschool TEACHERS in almost every classroom we've been in so far? The two mom thing here is so boring it's not even funny. We need to look for "edginess" elsewhere because, you know, yawn city. Plus, you know, with the real estate. And the sheeps and the wool. Have I convinced you yet?

Katie said...

Smallish kids are actually pretty ok with the concept...it just might be the first time they've encountered it, is all. We explained to my son that some families have a mommy and a daddy, some have two mommies, and some have two daddies. One of his best friends has two moms, so he was like, "oh, ok, I get it." You just might have to give that speech a lot if the kids don't already have a friend with same gender parents.

And my almost 3 year old has started saying "darn it!"
Do you read Defective Yeti? He had a funny post about the "word" beeyotch and how his spell-checker suggested "biotech." So now my husband and I call each other Biotech all the time...

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Just wait when your child yells out of the car window and calls the guy-in-the-giant-SUV who almost hits you at the gas pump a "Big JERK!" I think my (works as the head administrator at a church) sister almost fainted when my 4-yr-old niece did that. :)

The Whole Self said...


gray is all about droppin' the frickin' or the freakin' round here...wonder where she gets it from.

thanks for having us on sat-

Songbird said...

Okay, first, I love this story, especially the "Whoah."
When #1 Son was small, he started saying "Jesus Christ" in a not-prayerful fashion. This was bad, because we went to church a lot. A lot. One day a babysitter in the church nursery cornered me and asked who taught him to say that?
I blame his father...

Thorny said...

Happy Birthday to Little Man!

I so hear you on the Warping Minds issue. I watched our friends' daughter two weekends ago, and then this past weekend she and her dad came by to help us move, and her dad mentioned how the little girl's new favorite thing was "swearing" and her new favorite phrase is "Oh my God!" which, he reported, she says with an amazing Valley Girl flair.

And the first thing that crossed my mind to say in response?

"Oh my God!"

Luckily, I managed to swap it for a, "Holy cow!" which always makes me feel like Harry Caray, but whatever.

Yeah. Warping minds, one by one. Eek!

Kathy said...

Move to Roslindale, so many lesbian moms! Chris has a good friend with two dads. He thinks one of them is the grandfather of his friend! I explained that they are both his friend's dads and they are a couple. He's 7 so I think he gets it a bit, but I understand that preschool is different.

susan said...

Happy Birthday, Little Man! It is fun to see the 3yr olds be so aware of their birthdays. And next year, when he's four, he'll remember this year's birthdays, which is also way cool.

And something else that's way cool is Marisa's gravatar, which is totally distracting me on the left as I type in this comment box. The eyes move around!

Rhonda said...

Oh TOO funny! A flaming ninny would say "sugar" instead of "shit" right? My Mom always used shit until the kids started picking it up, lol.
Holly molely! Is that right?

bff&exgf#2 said...

Has he learned how to say "I don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out?..."
What about "goddamned rich fucking yuppie ass homophobes?"
or perhaps
"you know, that whole anita hill thing was a disaster. you asshole."
Until then, I wouldn't worry too much about "damn."
:) He has the best mommy on earth.