Wednesday, May 17, 2006

'Tis But a Flesh Wound

The last 7,000 days of rain have demolished the Merrimack Valley. Wifey's school and Little Man's daycare have been closed all week. We've been pumping water out of the basement, but have seen very little damage in our home. In spite of living within a couple blocks of the river, we're perched on a hill. We're very lucky.

However, here are pictures of our communities. all photos courtesy of The Boston Globe readers photos

Lawrence -- where Wifey teaches

The Lawrence Dam

Juncture of Route 495 and Route 114 on the N. Andover/Lawrence line -- usually a normal road

Downtown Haverhill -- can you see the 30 ft stone sea wall?

Downtown Haverhill -- can you see it now? Right where those lights are? Here's a photo of the sea wall under normal circumstances.

River Street, Haverhill

Trying to salvage the new bridge from Haverhill to Bradford.

Groveland Bridge -- usually at least 20 feet above the water

Downtown Amesbury -- usually a nice swift creek

The Riverwalk, Lowell -- 10-20 above water normally

But as I look outside today, I can see the SUN!! I feel like stripping off all my clothes and dancing around in the sun like the pagan hippie I really am. If you see a crazed naked woman in Kendall Square today, it's probably me.


martian77 said...

Oddly, as you dry out, Cambridge UK is getting wetter!

Hopefully not that wet though. Ain't nature grand?

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Wow! It looks like you moved to Venice, or Amsterdam, or... or... Darn, brain fart happening.

christine said...

i will be out there with you, utterly cavorting in the *warm* *sunnnnny* *weather*...

about time! i thought my mood could not stand more dampening, so to speak... :)

wenders said...

I agree - I got an email from my best friend today asking if was weird she teared up at the sight of the sun yesterday evening. I said no, as when I answered the door for a delivery man, I said "ooooh" while looking at the sky. You'd think it'd been months, not just 8 days, of rain.

Glad you and yours are safe and dry. Enjoy the sunshine!

maryse said...

the mass pike was all blocked up yesterday during my commute home around 7pm. i think it's because people were blinded by the sun.

pippi said...

holy freaking crap!
we are still getting rain, but it looks nothing like that!

Beth S. said...

That is INSANE. I was wet, yeah, but not like THAT. Wow.

Kellee said...

Wow. I was just at that 114/495 intersection two weeks ago. That's impressive.

Cheryl said...

I felt the same way when I first saw the sun today! It was even better when the road home from work reopened.

Rhonda said...

Dancing in the streets naked? In Cambridge? You could get a sunburn and then what? LOL, don't do it!!

Martita said...

Hey, I used to shop at that Market Basket! I can't believe it's still there.

jessica~ said...

Terrible, isn't it? So sorry your basement was flooded. But finally... the sun!! Yay!

Ruth said...

The sun came out just in time for me ... and these photos put my leaky roof and flooding basement into perspective.

roro said...

Oh my god - it's like The Day After Tomorrow down there. I kept looking for Jake Gyllenhaal in all of those amazing photos. Hope the sun continues to shine - and be sure to take photos of the naked dancing in the streets. That sort of thing needs to be recorded for posterior - I mean, posterity - too.