Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Family Book & Alexis Stewart

After telling Wifey about yesterday's pre-school interrogation, she called the Director. Apparently I'm a bit of a "bull dozer" and this is her "area of expertise," so I was banned from making the call. Just for the record, I am capable of being diplomatic.

Mom ... stop laughing!

The response was stellar:
-Of course we'll discuss it with the kids.
-We'll do it during circle time.
-Do you have a book that we can read to them?
-Families are all different, and many of the kids are being raised by single moms, so some of them don't have dads either.
-etc etc etc.

So I brought The Family Book by Todd Parr to school today. Now I sit and wonder when the bum-holes (see, I'm learning) in Lexington or their northern counterparts will catch wind of it.


Occassionally I click around Site Meter just to see who's reading and where they're coming from. I was once obsessive about this particular activity, but now I'm content to periodically add to my list of "Weird Searches That Drove Traffic Here" (sidebar bottom). In the past few days, I've been getting a lot of Alexis Stewart traffic, so I googled her to see what was causing the rush. I didn't figure it out (mostly because I didn't feel like spending the time), but I did see this interesting bit on her Wikipedia entry:

"not legally divorced yet, but Alexis said ... that she's dating someone new. While on Stern, she also said she wanted to have a child via a sperm donor."

Now, seriously...unless a het is in love with a fertility-challenged-man or seriously disgruntled by the boys, there's rarely talk of sperm donors. Alexis is dating someone and thinking about pay-by-the-vial-sperm? Yep, she's a dyke.


Cheryl said...

I never noticed that category in your sidebar before.

Sexy Pics of Womb???? That really takes the cake. Too funny.

lindsey said...

if things start going down feel free to email or what not. i somehow managed to marry into the military. talk about bastards. i didn't change my name, don't wear a ring, and i work. somehow people feel they have a right to complain to me about this. and if things get really bad i can send you sock yarn from germany. really. gifts make things better.