Friday, May 05, 2006

Prezzies for the Lezzie

For the past two days, I've been swamped with gifts. I'm almost embarrassed to show you. It's like bragging about how many presents are under the Christmas tree. But I'm so excited that I must ignore convention. After all, I'm good at ignoring conventions.

Prezzie #1
Wifey calls me at work.

Wifey: You got a package from California.
Mafia [squealing]: Yes! It must be my socks!
Wifey: Well ... there's a problem.
Mafia: WHAT??
Wifey: Well ... It's really big and Lugh is attacking it. She's scratching and biting it and digging at it and dragging it around the house. Should I open it?
Mafia: Yeah, there must be catnip or something in there.
Wifey: Why would someone send you catnip in the mail? [despite my attempts at indoctrination, she's still a muggle.]

Look ... presents for Lugh!

And little did I know...the catnip eggroll and cat treats were only the beginning. Look at the haul!

Clearly I got the best SockPal in the bunch! She's a blogless veterinary dentist from UC Davis, and she seriously spoiled me. Seriously. Korean chocolate and Korean candies and postcards and magnets from California and UC Davis.

Beautiful socks that fit perfectly!

Socks for Little Man, which he promptly pulled over his hands and ran around the house laughing about. He's developing quite a sassy sense of humor. Of course, I expect no less.

Claudia's handpainted merino sock yarn, in case Wifey felt left out!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Jean! And thanks to Alison for doing this again.

Prezzie #2
Back in November, I had a birthday. Back in November, several people in my extended family collected $100 for my birthday present. Back in November, they told me to buy a ball winder and a swift combo from Webs. But somehow the money got sucked into the bank account and was used on bills. So I've been stalking Joann recently, waiting for those 50%-off coupons to appear. Success - I finally got my ball winder and swift, and I only paid about $60 for both. Yes!

I know ... it's a horrible picture, but that's the best I could do mid-work-week. Notice the Claudia's sock yarn was my virgin spin?

Prezzie #3
The wonderful Ashley was recently frustrated by some Bearfoot, so she offered to give it away. I never win anything, but somehow I won the drawing! But when the yarn arrived in a big box, I knew there was something else up her sleeve. Seriously.Spoiled.Mafia:

Two skeins of Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Rainbow
The Yarn Harlot's new book
Two chocolate bars
Puffy dinosaur stickers and a chocolate brown wind-up Hippo for Little Man (presumably)

Thanks SO much Ashley! That little Hippo scooted across our kitchen floor about 75 times before bedtime last night.

I'm a Lucky Lezzie!


JJ said...

I'm glad the socks fit and that you liked the package! I have tiny feet (size 5.5), so I was sweating bullets. Little Man sounds so cute! ANd of course, Lugh is fab (though I thought she was a he - oops!)

Kat said...

Wow, a very lucky lezzie. It's like Christmas (or whatever gwfgwf you celebrate) in May.

(*gwfgwf - generic winter festive gathering with food)

Rhonda said...

Oh Wow... getting packages like that are soooo fun! Don't blame you for enjoying it.

mamacate said...

Wow girl, you scored. That is one AWESOME sock buddy. Yum!

Ruth said...

What a great haul! Lucky you.

Ashley said...

Yes, the stickers and hippo were intended for LM :) Although now that I think about it, Lugh might make excellent use of the hippo too!

Beth S. said...

Oh my goodness. Clearly you did something really, really good in a past life to build up this kind of sock karma. ;-) Not only did you score a great pair of socks, but your son did too! And there's yarn for the wife as well... wow. That takes the cake.

alison said...

Wow, awesome sock goodies! Your pal sure did spoil you. Lucky lady! (And lucky little man too.)