Friday, May 12, 2006

NH Sheep-ride needed

Does anyone in the Boston area have an extra spot in their car for my girl Christine? She's an amazingly interesting woman. A Media Lab graduate student. Founder of the Seamless fashion show. Creator of the urbanhermes messenger bag. And friend of Project Runway.

In spite of all these things, she's totally down to earth and would make a great car companion. And she's probably going to kill me for making her seem like a super star instead of the totally normal knitter that she is.

Oh yeah, one more thing -- check out her alteration of the Seaberry Shell from the brand new IK. I love the asymmetry.

If you can give a girl a ride, click on over to Christine and leave her a comment with your info.


Kellee said...

This is sort of like the backhanded compliment we're SO known for back home, but I'm happy to give her a ride.

Here, however is the rub. a) i'm leaving at 7 am (yes. lunacy), and b) um, i'm staying over night, so she wouldn't get home til tomorrow. The upside is that there's an extra bed in my room, available for the crashing if'n she wants to stay.

because what girl doesn't want to crash in a strange hotel with someone she's never met before?

pippi said...

bummer we are coming from the total opicite direction, as there are a few inches 'tween the car seats.
i've seen her photos on my flikr, i hope she gets there! it will be nice to meet yet anohter person i 'know' only tru online!

and; eeep! just about 24 hours to figure out what to bring for the pot luck! lol...

Rhonda said...

Are you guys going to the NH Sheep Festival? I hope it stops raining long enough for you all to enjoy it. Have fun!