Monday, May 01, 2006

Favorite Things Monday - the Sick episode

After spending a night in the ER last Tuesday to combat Little Man's croup, and a couple days with a very cranky boy with an incredible seal cough and very labored breathing, I got some nasty bug on Saturday. This morning the doc said I either have a nasty flu-like virus or a kidney stone. In either case, I have to take lots of Advil and wait it out. For once in my life, I'm hoping for the flu, which should be on it's way out. If it's a kidney stone, this is just the beginning and I have excruciating pain to look forward to. Nice.

That's a long way of saying ... sorry if I haven't responded to email lately. I'll be upright again soon.

Favorite Things Monday
Throughout these crappy 7 days, this little lady has been keeping my company:

This is Grace, our older skittish kitty that most people never met because she's usually hiding under our bed. That's how she earned the extended family nickname Snuffleupagus, because many wonder if she's even real. She's a typical New England kitty with many many toes, and a big fat belly. As a teeny kitten, she was given to Wifey as a Christmas present in Dec. 1999, so she's probably 6 1/2 years old and a Scorpio (like me!). Grace and I get along great, but she and Wifey simply tolerate each other, and she's unjustifiably terrified of Little Man. So she's actually my kitty now, which is great because she slept with me Saturday night while I was high-fever-shivering. She's a good snuggly girl.

Happy Monday!


Beth S. said...

How can they not tell the difference between the flu and a kidney stone? That makes no sense. But I'm with you in hoping it's just the flu. I was at the ER once with a friend who was passing a kidney stone, and it was not pretty.

Hooray for Grace, allowing herself to be photographed. My Lola won't sit still for the camera. I have dozens of photos of cat-shaped blurs.

M. said...

Ugh, I hope it's the flu. So sorry you're feeling shitty.

Hey, do you and your kidney stone and your family want to join me for Wake up the Earth?

Danielle said...

Ummm, I'm not a doctor, but since when do the flu and kidney stones have the same symptoms???

mamacate said...

Oh, ugh, ack.

Sorry there hon.

Feel better.

Thorny said...

Oof. Sorry to hear you and Little Man have been under the weather. I sure hope you've got the flu, though. (That's like my friend's dad went to the hospital recently and was diagnosed with either bronchitis or a UTI. What? It's like they just went, "There's an infection, and it's sooooomewheeeeeerrrre.... IIIIIINNNN the body. Or on it! One of those two. We're pretty sure." grin.)

Grace looks like a sweetie - we've got a Snuffleupagus too, and for a long time she was our only cat. We'd have people come by to feed her while we were out of town and they'd be like, "This is an elaborate prank you play on people, isn't it? You have some other friends of yours coming by every day to remove food from the dishes to keep up this cat charade for yours, don't you?"

Hope you feel better soon! (And Little Man, too!)

Rhonda said...

Dr. Rhonda thinks it must be the BUG ... fever, achy, sniffly, OMG I'm sick bug. I was feeling sick on Saturday, but I think it was allergies from sitting all morning under a tree filled with pollen ... I should know better. Hang in there, snuggle with Grace & feel better soon.

Suzanne said...

You poor thing! The uncertainty must compound the misery. Hope it resolves soon. The invitation Wifey made for Little Man's birthday party is fantastic, by the way.

The Whole Self said...

heart heart heart. call me if you need some speedy-deliveries of love.

Sneaksleep said...

Sending lots of get-better-quick and no-kidney-stones vibes your way! Glad to know Little Man is doing better, though.

Lance Morrison said...

A cute blog...

Actually, I discovered your blog when searching my freind, Blair Fukumura, who designed / baked the cake on your Blog-aversary.

I'm not sure if you knew or not, but it's ironic; the cake was actually made for another femme lesbian. She doesn't knit though. Don't hate her for that, she's a good egg... yarn or not.

I cross-stitch my own Christmas cards; is that enoguh?