Thursday, October 13, 2005

Crafty Weekend, Take 2

Ok, so it's Thursday and I'm still writing about last weekend. Flakyflakymommy.

Little Man's costume is about 1/2 finished. I completed the 'jumpsuit' and the hood, but no embellishments as of yet. I would post a picture, but how cute is a lime green hooded jumpsuit and on a 2 year old? Not so much.

As previously mentioned, I had a rockin' time with Roo, Ms. G and her HipHubby. There are photos here. So much fun! Now that the Baby-Joey gift has been given, I can officially show pictures of my secret August/September project:

Ta-da! HUGE thanks to Danielle for giving me a pile of leftover Cotton Ease.

YARN: Cotton Ease,
NEEDLES: size 4 Addis,
PATTERN: Hat with Ear Flaps and Simple Raglan Sweater from Debbie Bliss's Baby Knits book.
THOUGHTS: I didn't like the rolling collar and sleeves, so I substituted seed stitch bands all around. I'm not sure about the ear flaps. They don't seem to be in the right place, but we'll see how the hat fits Joey when he makes his worldly debut.

Roo's BFF "Boo," writing here at Trollspotting bought Little Man and Ms. G matching T-shirts a couple months ago while spending the weekend in Provincetown. PTown is such a beautiful place, and inspires queer websites, women's websites and countless others. So it should surprise no one that our WeeOnes now have these t-shirts, courtesy of hilarious Uncle Boo.

I didn't work on Monday, and I make a teeny nod to our ancestral conquerer in thanks for the day off. I make a huge loopy nod in thanks for allowing me to finally schedule a time to meet Alison. A very impressive sweater was worn. There was much talk of politics and religion and our backgrounds and morning pastry, and current jobs and on and on. It's been a very long time since I've spent 2 hours with a virtual stranger, but it was so easy. Let's do that again soon, k?

Hanging out with Alison was also my first intentional knit-blogger meeting. I was convinced that MamaCate would be my first, but alas, our schedules aren't cooperating. Oh yeah, and she's going to that silly little event Rhinebeck this weekend. Clearly she won't have any fun, she won't meet any knitters, she'll slog through inches of mud in smelly rubber boots, and the heaps of fleece will be impossibly scratchy. I'm not jealous! Am not. I drive west, and she drives further west. I sense a pattern here? Soon, MamaCate, soon. You are taking me to Webs and we'll 'talk shop', ok? In the meantime, double up the VitC and Echinacea and feel better.


Anonymous said...

You best believe it'll be soon. I'll put the word out on campus that if anyone sees the Mafia (of mystery) on campus, they should throw her in a car and lock her up in the back of Webs until I can get there. Rough business, this.

It's going to be a nice weekend in 'hamp too, I expect. Tad soggy, though.

And, um, your old flame? And time stamp 2:00 and 3:10. Oh my. Weak. In. Knees.


Anonymous said...

Adorable sweater! It helps meeting virtual strangers when you have so much in common, I think. Yes, let's absolutely do it again soon!

Danielle said...

If you go missing some day, I'll check between the cones in Webs' back room. Cause, you know, it would give me an excuse to go back there...