Thursday, October 13, 2005

Conan debut!

Holy shit. I just got an email from an old 'flame' (who played cello at our wedding [silly lesbians]). She sent this link to her debut TV performance on CONAN! Holy shit. For the lesbos in the group, pay special attention at the 2 minute mark and the 3:10 minute mark.


Erin said...

You know someone in Matt Pond? THey're in town, uhm, tomorrow night?

Garngamen said...

HI, I'm a swedish knitter and I was sufing around and found your blog, Neat. I'm just curious of those WIP-markers you have that you fill in how many % you have done on hats, sweaters, scarfs etc... Where do you get them? Could you hint me please? I guess they are open for use?

Anonymous said...

are you still having trouble with that zoe mellor sweater? I posted the errata on my blog at

I'm now seearching for help with the robin hood - looks like there are lots of problems in this book! Too bad, since the pieces are so cute.