Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sockettes and Ponchettes

Here are the finished Ms. CJSR socks (collective awww...)

The yarn is Lion Brand Magic Stripes in the "bright spring pattern" color. Girly enough to please our fairly mainstream next door neighbors (who are getting the second set of these), and gender-neutral enough to please the lovely funky hipmamas of Ms. CJSR.

Here's a WIP photo of the BFF&ExGF#2 ponchette from Poncho Loco:

That's one complete 32 row repeat, thankyaverymuch. I love the pattern. It's a great lace pattern that's easy to memorize zen knitting -- just difficult enough to keep me focused, but not so hard that I want to cry. Hooray! And I LOVE the yarn. Karabella Yarn's Aurora 8 might be my new favorite flavor. Yummy.

*thanks (again!) to Danielle lugging her digital camera around all the time, for taking numerous pictures for me, for providing an excellent backdrop-shawl and for volunteering her blocking-pin-hands to hold the ponchette.


christine said...

i love the lace pattern! truly obsessed with texture, and it looks really good in that color.

where did you conjure up some aurora 8? i've been supercurious about that yarn, esp. for worsted project substitutions. however, it's quite absent from ebay and such. full-price? me? ;)

happyspider said...

so adorable, for their little toes... thanks alot Mafia, now im feeling clucky :P
fabulous lace, and i envy you the aurora 8. Aahh Australia, the black hole of enviable yarns...

Nadira said...

Precious! And I love that lace.