Monday, October 03, 2005

Boston KnitOut

Joined by about 700 of our closest knitterly friends, Little Man and I had such a wonderful day on the Boston Common yesterday.

After much contemplation, I decided to "out" myself as a blogger. eek! I thought this was the most appropriate place for my sticker.

Little Man was "outed" as a blogger too.

In the first hour I wrestled my way into tents and stroller-herded people away from my favorite free patterns. I snagged a bag of 4 (5?) free balls of Berocco yarns and a dozen coupons from local yarn shops. I met up with Rhonda. We spotted Katie. I convinced Rhonda to enter the Fastest Hook contest. We oohed and ahhed at the beautiful entries in the Interweave Knits scarf contest. We met other bloggers - Hi Alison and her cutie Boys. After a diaper change, Little Man was so excited to feel the air on his bare legs that I let him run around in his diaper and rainbow Elmo socks (Gramma bought them, I swear!).

After that, I spent a long long time chasing this surprisingly fast Little Man around and around and around the Common. Thank god for Rhonda and Jessica. They sat calmly knitting on the Common and watching our stroller-pile while I ran around with Little Man.

Big shout out to Christine for her excellent MC skills. Huge shout out to Cynthia for entertaining Little Man while I snuck into the nasty porta-potty before heading home. This became especially important when you realize what I did to some anti-choice thugs on the way home ... hheeeee!

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