Monday, October 17, 2005

Baby Sophie or CJSR socks

Here's a progress photo of the first of two pairs of socks for two adorable little babies I know.

One pair for the brand new girl next door, and the other overdue pair for Sassy baby of Sassy Moms (CJSR). If Ms. CJSR's feet haven't grown too much, she'll be getting them. Otherwise, Baby Sophie will get these and Ms. CJSR will get a new (slightly larger) pair.

In this project I learned how to knit two socks on one circular needle with the Magic Loop method. I love it. I also learned that pulling one end from the middle of the yarn ball and the other end from the outside will result in slightly mismatched stripes. Close, but no (proverbial) cigar.


Danielle said...

I guess I need you to teach me the best way to cast on for my 2 socks on ML method. (I must confess to casting on with other needles and then transferring...

happyspider said...

aaw babies have such tiny feet! those are so adoreable, and clever you for figuring out that trick.
What yarn is that?

Engranon said...

Ah, but as long as you continue to knit the next pair from the same yarn in the same way, you will end up with two sets of matching socks. The two pairs will be fraternal, but the socks within each pair will match.

Cute stuff!