Friday, October 07, 2005

Zebra-Ass and Clogs

Wow! The People's Republic of Cambridge is very responsive. I got a call from Public Works within a couple hours. I got a call from the Mayor's office within a day. The Galaxy sculpture was roped off like a scene from Law and Order. Within two days, I had tracked down the responsible party (Boston Properties) and secured a promise of reimbursement. You know what that means? NEW CLOGS!!

Here's the big question -- should I be practical and buy brown (to match my blue work pants) or buy a fun color or style because this is a little windfall? Or should I combine the two perspectives and buy simultaneously brown/practical and fun/mary janes/embroidered? Or should I get Dykey-Dansko like the Jolie or the Melodie??

Or should I share some of the windfall with Wifey, who is an unemployed SAHM and hasn't seen a windfall in a long time?

Perhaps I should create my first blog poll? Ohh ... fun! Here goes:


carrym said...

Definitely share some of the windfall with wifey! I seem to recall from reading your blog what a sweetheart she is (yarn flowers??!!) and having been the SAHM myself thinks she deserves a bit of windfall to spend as she would like to...just don't let her do anything *too* practical. :)

I'm impressed, I didn't expect you would hear much about it, if anything, at all. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

I say all of the above. Find the absolute most expensive place to buy the stuff (obviously you shop at Ann Taylor, right?) then buy last year's spankin' clogs on markdown, and take wifey out to dinner.

Way to go!

Stacy said...

Jeez, how much is this windfall anyway? I say share the wealth, but if you opt for new shoes, even down the road, you can't go wrong with red. Red goes with everything!

Kathy said...

Wow, the city of Boston wouldn't do that! Yay for PR of cambridge!

I think Mamacate's idea is a good one. I, of course, being selfish, would want to spend it all on mahself. Red sounds great. Olive too.


Anonymous said...

Wait - I was forced to vote for something I didn't really want because my choice didn't exist! Here's what you should obviously do:

Shop around to find HEAVILY discounted replacement pants and somewhat practical clogs (try here Then, PAY BILLS with remainder of money -that is the present to wifey and to self.