Monday, October 03, 2005

Worlds Collide - KnitOut, Part 2

As the Yarn Harlot likes to say, knitters are nice people. So I don't usually worry about politics when I'm in the presence of other knitters. But my worlds collided yesterday when I spotted a big "Stop Abortion Now" sign on the Common. I later discovered that Massachusetts Citizens for Life were demonstrating their evil ways on the Common at the same time as the KnitOut. ahh!

With my blood pressure already on the rise from the stupid sign, I watched Ray Flynn and his wife stroll past me in their Sunday best. Smoke poured from my ears. My cheeks turned beet red. My Danskos got twitchy. I later discovered that Flynnazi was strolling back from Mass at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross where Archbishop O'Malley was actively recruiting parishioners to sign a petition to put another anti-gay constitutional amendment on the ballot. With politics at the pulpit, can someone tell me why these people still have tax-free status?? Flynnazi has this to say to the Boston Globe:

'''s for children and it's for the stability of marriage..." said Raymond L. Flynn, a former mayor of Boston and Vatican ambassador whose name appears on the petition as one of its chief sponsors.

Yep, there I am ... standing on the Boston Common with my fingers wrapped around the stroller handles and turning my fair Little Man away from the sun ... I'm evil. FuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckYou! There ... now I'm evil.

Try as I might to ignore it, I couldn't stop thinking about the stark differences between us fiber folks and those scary folks. Yes, I understand that some knitters might be anti-choice or anti-gay [gasp!]. But they chose fiber over hatred. That's OK with me. I was having a hard time separating my fiber from my hatred. Oops ... did I say that out loud?

So I exacted the only revenge I could in order to protect Little Man from the image of his Mafia-Mom in a fist fight with an 60 year old white man.

Formula: 1 polite Mafia+first day of period+intestinal disturbance = 1 belly FULL of gas and 1 tired anal sphincter.
Enter Mass Citizens for Life, who completely surrounded me on the Orange Line train:

1 disturbingly stinking ride for the bigots and one smirking Mafia.


MeBeth said...

Saw your link in the Harlot's comments and stopped by to read. Just wanted to say that I think your revenge was fabulous!

BerkeleyBecca said...

That gives a whole new meaning to civil disobedience...

Anonymous said...

I'm also over from Yarn Harlot. I think it's pretty pathetic that you are so narrow-minded as to not let other people have their opinions. If somebody wants to fight to overturn abortions, or if somebody wants to fight to keep marriage between a man and a woman - in this country they jolly well can - and they can be as vocal in their efforts as you can be in yours.

Is this a great country or what??

And yes, I'm anonymous. I don't have a blog so I don't have to tell you who I am, but I get to happily leave you a message since you allow it. Of course you can also delete me.

Like I said - great country or what?

FemiKnitMafia said...

I am impressed by folks who have the courage to express their opinions anonymously.

And...I only delete non-human droid spammers.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is obviously someone who has never had a bigot's hatered negatively affect their life. Which leads me to my favorite saying...

Cosider the source and discard it accordingly...I'll leave you all to decide for yourself where that may be.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Oh my goodness, revenge? You are bad, bad, but good ... what a way to end the day, huh? [I thought church/religion was suppose to have no business in politics?] See, I do read your blog, C [alias Mafia] -- it just took me a moment to remember which one it was :)

wenders said...

I saw that banner at the KnitOut, too and felt the same way and wondered if anyone noticed. It was surprising to me, since the knitters I usually meet are so accepting and open, but that was a group so close by that clearly wasn't. And, anon. wants me to let them have their opinions. Fine. Let me marry who I want. I am not trying to make it so they don't protest, but they are inviting themselves into my bedroom!

Anyway,I didn't take the same revenge as you...but I so want to be your friend! And I think the anon. missed the point...wasn't it that you were NOT vocal...? Heehee.

Anonymous said...

I can't see from the picture what your revenge was. My screen may be too small.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, the FemiKnit Mafia never said that other people shouldn't have their own opinions. She just said that she doesn't agree with it. Be against whatever the hell you want, just don't force me to share that opinion, or expect me to either.

See Femafia, I told you I'd post a comment.