Saturday, October 08, 2005

Crafty Weekend

Clearly folks believe that I should share the wealth with Wifey. Alright. But I'm really hoping that the voters for option #3 (replace pants, buy practical clogs and share with Wifey) pull off a win in the end. I'd really like new clogs ...

Crafty crafty weekend. Hooray. First of all, I spent some serious QT with Roo this morning while the kids ran around, trashed her house, made a huge pile of fleece and jumped from the bottom step onto the pile. They laughed hysterically for about an hour and we happily knit on the couch. Meanwhile ... her hubby, a most excellent kind-hearted, music-playing, quilt-making, army guy (I know, I know ... he defies all stereotypes, which is a big part of why I adore him), asked me to teach him to knit. Roo scrounged up some fat needles and some pumpkin Wool Ease, and I taught him to knit!! We started out with English, but after about 10 rows, I realized that I should teach him Continental. He did really well. Was a total natural. By the way John, if you run into trouble, this is a great source for knitting videos: Knitting Help.

My big goal for the weekend is to wave my wand over this random stuff:

and turn it into Little Man's costume (sans crown):

Wish me luck!


Nadira said...

Cute! My mom made me an Ewok costume the year that Return of the Jedi came out. She slaved over that fake fur stuff with the rubber backing (hell to work with) for the body, and bought me a plastic mask. It itched like hell and I couldn't see a thing in the mask, so, being a 4ish year-old, I complained all night. Looking back, however, it was one of the best costumes I've ever had.

If I may be permitted a moral: make the costume and have fun with it. Even if all doesn't go according to plan, it's totally worth it.

happyspider said...

Wow, that would be really scary if it werent for the cute-factor. Have fun with it, and i'll vote for clogs for you :)