Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Eire Lust, Stupid Vee & Holding Pattern

In celebration of her 50th birthday, my Mom booked a trip to Ireland. My tough as nails Mom -- who birthed me at the ripe old age of 18, kicked male-ass-wipe #1 to the curb, went to college as a single Mom, met another man and fell in love, married him, had another baby, went to graduate school, graduated with straight A's, renovated a few houses for the profits, kicked male-ass-face #2 to the curb when it became oh-so-necessary, bought her own house, renovated it, and bought another to flip it, all while working full-time -- has never traveled outside the U.S. and has been dreaming of this trip to Ireland for as long as I can remember. She's leaving on Friday, and I'm SO excited for her.

But I'm also selfishly delighted by the gift possibilities, and Mom invited me to submit a wish list. What should I list? A kelly green rugby jersey for Little Man? A jersey for me? 1600 yards (1460 meters) of dk or aran weight wool from Blarney Woolen Mills or any ol' farmer she meets along the way? A woven shawl, exactly like the one I bought for Mom at the Aran Sweater Market in Kilronan, which would match my most deeply adored scarf? Perhaps a kit to make a clan sweater in my mother's ancestral name? Help! I need ideas.

The LiuVee Vest (named after the parton saint of inexpensive Jo Sharp yarn, Christine) is finished, but I need to rip out the ribbed neckline and fix a stupid mistake in the Ve section. [why do I always make stupid mistakes?] Then ... blocking. However, I have a blocking problem. I have no space for it. Every square inch of our apartment is used. Must design an alternative. Once we're in the new house, we'll have plenty of unused/non-cat/closed door spaces. But for now, hrumpf and a wee argh.

Thanks to Rose-Kim Knits, via The Purloined Letter, I have a fancy new calculator to tell me exactly how little I've accomplished in my Icarus quest. I've completed 39% of it. 39%??!! How can this be? Granted, it's been sitting in the corner for a couple weeks, but before that, I was knitting and knitting and knitting on the damned thing. After picking it up again yesterday, I started repeat 5 of chart 1. This morning, as I was bearing down on that feathery lace section, I was feeling so accomplished. Even after considering if it needs another repeat for additional length, I still felt good about it. But now I'm feeling every bit of the 61% left to go! And let's not even discuss how much work I'd add with another repeat (69%!). Perhaps it needs to go back into the time-out corner.

Remember those Socks for Sanity? Yeah, it's time. The amazing sock yarn in my stash is calling to me.


Sneaksleep said...

Yeah, that's why sometimes it's best NOT to know how much we have left to go on a certain project. You can do it, though!

Anonymous said...

As for gift requests #1 - the 1600 yards of yarn from the local farmer. The rest you can get off the internet.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, welcome to the world of the endless shawl.