Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sophie's Toes Hand-Dyed Sock Yarn

For some reason, I never blogged about one of my favorite knitterly gifts of all time. Several months ago, Emily's computer had a stroke and I offered to have the MIT IT-folks take a look at it. To ensure proper Chicago-Cambridge shipping, the hard drive requested a nice soft pillow. So Emily tucked a skein of her new line of hand-dyed sock yarn, Sophie's Toes, into the envelope. The hard drive wasn't lonely and the Mafia was delighted. And when I say delighted, I don't mean that 'oh, it was so nice of so-and-so to send me this collection of vintage bottle caps, they're exactly what I wanted and I'll treasure them forever and toss them after posting the blog photo'. No, Emily took the time to look through my Finished Objects page, realized I like blue, and picked her favorite colorway for me. Her.favorite. That's love. And how do I repay such love? I forget to blog about it. Bad Mafia.

But, when faced with the recent Socks for Sanity need, I dove into the sock yarn stash, and made the difficult decision to temporarily ignore the Claudia's Handpainted (from my amazing Sockapaloooza pal, blogless Jean) and the beautiful Mountain Colors Bearfoot (won from Ashley) and a couple of recently-promised pairs. You'll probably understand once you look at this photo:

Because Emily's been dying fabric for her art quilts for many years, it was a natural evolution to yarn. And her experience shows. Don't ya think? I cast on last night, and I'm delighted. The timing is good too, because Emily just today added a batch of Sophie's Toes to her Etsy shop. Go look. And don't buy the Fall Mums or Froggy! I want those -- once I've paid off my mortgage.

Speaking of -- please expect a house-related panic attack later tonight. The home inspection is scheduled for 3pm, so I'll be a complete lunatic by 7pm. Joy.


Beth S. said...

Goddammit. I couldn't help myself. I had to have Pumpkin Spice.

I won't look for you on the train today. But I will certainly have my fingers crossed for you! :-)

Emily said...

Good Lord! I never expected you to blog about it! But-WOW. Thank you. The picture you took is really beautiful, will you come take pictures of all of my yarn?

And good luck with the house! Our home inspector looked just like the actor William H. Macy, and it was actually kind of fun.

Sneaksleep said...

Yum!!! Good thing I'm leaving for a lunchtime outing to the LYS in 5 minutes anyway, or I'd have had to buy some. I sitll might.