Monday, October 23, 2006

Favorite Things Monday - Fall

Favorite Things Monday has been in time-out these past few weeks. I apologize to the people who kindly told me they like FTMon, only to see it disappear. You know how it is -- you stop exercising and before you know it, you're five pounds heavier with a daily craving for cookies at 4pm on the dot, and you rationalize away your guilt by saying you never really liked walking anyway. Avoiding? No, not me.

So here I am, getting over the proverbial hump with a photo of my kid. Can you find my favorite thing?

In other weekend news, I saw two antique school desks on the side of the road, screeched to a halt and tossed this one into my wation-stagon. A little refinishing and she'll be perfect in Little Man's playroom in the new house. [new house? did I really just say that? who am I?]

In honor of my commitment to sew all of Little Man's Halloween costumes until he fires me, I'm cutting and cutting and freakin' cutting fleece for his Peter Pan costume. In a moment of pre-house generosity, I offered to make his next-door-best-friend's Tinkerbell costume too. But now Little Man is jealous and wants to be Tinkerbell too. Oy. I bought extra Tinkerbell supplies, so I hope to tame the gender-bending beast with a nice flowery headband. Who said that Peter Pan must wear a feather in his cap? Anyway, these piles represent many hours of my time, two costumes, and DULL scissors. Note to self, call the scissors guy asap.

I caught the Eris bug again this weekend and worked about 30 rows on the collar. I know it's not terribly exciting, but it's progress.

I've also been working away at my Sophie's Toes socks, and I LOVE the socks just as much as I love the yarn. Just to prove how spot-on Emily was in choosing the color, I've included my favorite tea mug, something I consider a fashion statement, not just a cup.

Wifey's been busy too. She's 6 months into the surrogacy that I can't (contractually) blog about (hrumpf). What a cute belly.

Everyone says this, but for sure, I know the best knitters in the whole world. First of all, my MIT SnB Katie placed an order at Patternworks and bought me a Knitter's Rule Junior! Ever since I saw Jess's, I've been wanting one, so I was completely surprised when Katie delivered it to my office. Thanks!! Finally, I'll be able to measure my gauge without my gauge ho. Yes!

Next up ... Kim. After exchanging emails for a few weeks prior to the Boston KnitOut, I bailed at the last minute. But Kim, giver of door prizes, saved my door prize and mailed it to me! Isn't that the sweetest, most thoughtful thing ever? Kim - what's this yarn? It's lovely! And big thanks for the chocolate. Cappacino chocolate, jealous? Yum!

Mafia, signing off


Danielle said...

That yarn looks like the stuff you used for your mom's drop stitch scarf last year.
(that's short for "Gauge Ho"

Anonymous said...

Jealous? TOTALLY. An excellent return to Favourite Things Monday!

nina beana said...

holy crap girl, i love this post! you touched on all my favorite things. and that picture of the belly just threw me over the edge into complete bliss.

sorry we missed each other this weekend- we must.hang.soon. i'm cancelling the bloggie get-together until you can make it, by the way.

Pippi said...

*rubs wifeys belly*

carrym said...

LOVE the belly pic!!! Makes me want to make a wish. ;)

Hannah said...

I'm with Whole Self: after every favorite thing, I thought it couldn't get any better. And then it did!