Friday, October 27, 2006

Crazytudinal Spectropic Mapsanity Life

Good friggin lord -- I love you people!! I am completely bowled over by the incredible comment love. You rock!

***** read on if you like TMI *****

I'm only 1/2 awake, so it's a list day:

- Planned a Saturday trip to see Cate and snuggle wool at the Fiber Twist.

- Found references to myself as a "fat bitch" and "dyke" and "tyrant" online and posted here and felt a little better, and then felt TONS better when the comments started flying in, and I discovered new-to-me bloggers.

- Finished TinkerBell costume for a Thurs ballet class. Burned gallons of midnight oil to finish it.

- Barely started Little Man's Peter Pan costume, deadline: T minus 6 days.

- Found out from Alison that our town scheduled Halloween on Sat. 10/28. Crap! deadline: T minus 3 days! Must sew faster. Must cancel trip to Cate.

- The mayor watched the forecast, and re-scheduled Halloween for Sun. 10/29. Yippee! I can still visit Cate, and have enough time to finish the costume. Phew! Read Cate's beautiful post and felt strong need to hug her asap.

- Scheduled closing for new house - Tuesday 10/31 10am. Yippee!

- Interviewed for a new job. Felt the chemistry, rocked the skills questions, and will know more in January. Yes, January.

- Got call from my Mom at 3pm - she's coming to visit for the weekend, and will arrive at 9pm. Huh?? She lives -6- hours away; I never expected a surprise visit.

- Cancelled plans with Cate (major grr!) and a former colleague who is now taunting me with really really juicy gossip that I can only hear if I come to Northampton. Damn her! This is seriously juicy, people. She's killin' me.

- Alerted Wifey to pending Mom visit. We both freaked about dirty house. Soothing occured. Soothing helped. Then I reminded Wifey that I'm going to the BSO with a former MIT colleague who now works at the BSO (i.e. free tickets!). I've never been. I want to go. I struggle. Mom says go. Wifey says go (with a little guilt thrown in for good measure).

- I see my girl; we eat Thai. We go to the BSO. We enter through the Stage Door. We share a bathroom with musicians. It's amazing and intense and scary and upper-class and beautiful and strange. They perform Schoenberg's Moses und Aron. I know nothing about the Bible, so I read and try to keep up, and my girl is fabulous with the lay explanation: "Now Mafia, Aron is Moses' PR guy. He's trying to make the Israelites understand this unseen god, but Moses is kinda hard-line about the whole thing/ ... \so they're having crazy orgies and drinkin' and smokin' pot and acting all crazy, and when Moses comes back from his spa trip in the mountains, he's horrified. They say, "well, you didn't tell us we couldn't have orgies." So Moses gives them the 10 Commandments so everyone has clear expectations...." Thank Dog she was there to enlighten the Heathen-Mafia. I've never read the Bible, and perhaps I should. It's like, kinda important, huh?

- I ride home, sleep on the late-late train, and walk into a clean house and NO guilt-attitude from Wifey. In fact, Mom and Wifey are chatting away, and Mom's drinking my favorite beer, that she bought it because she knows I like it. Wow. That's pretty cool. We talk until 1AM! 1AM! I'm tooooo old for this, because I'm hurtin' today. snoooooze. honk. shuuu.


Engranon said...

It's sooooo good to hear that things have picked up. I can tell that you are crazy busy, but make sure you check email for silly pictures of my Young Man when he was Peter Pan. Just don't let your Little Man think that he really can fly!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you're feeling better and that things improved.
Good Luck with the closing.

Mindy said...

Glad to hear things are better. I'm a lurker, and didn't delurk yesterday to spread the warm wishes out a little longer.

Can't believe you got a surprise visit with a six hour drive!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Lots of things going on with Mafia this week, but it sounds like everything is working out for the best. Sorry you're not going to the Twist tomorrow. One of these days we'll meet in real life.

Good luck with the closing. I love that you're doing it on Halloween.

Anonymous said...

You say "tyrant" like it's a bad thing. . .

Anonymous said...

What EVAH. I suppose your mom can borrow you for the weekend, but you know S. and I are not going to wait forever.

And what is this gossip of which you speak? Probably no one I've ever met, but still, why would I go to work at Leafy New England Women's College if I didn't like me some good gossip.

Plans currently rescheduled for the 8th. We could switch to that Friday if you were coming. No fiber fest, but (goddess willing) a guest room by then.

Have fun girl. And what an auspicious day for a new house!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Can't wait to see the Peter Pan outfit. Tomorrow's the day right?

BTW, I didn't get a chance yesterday to tell ya after I read that last post ... "I love ya, Mafia." And only the love from all your friends & family count for shit. Wackos be d*m! What goes around, comes around. And she'll get like in return. Mean spirits always do.

Give a hug to your Mom, Wifey & Little Man for me.

Anonymous said...

I second all the other commenters, and will also add: I hear you on the biblical illiteracy. It's amazing I made it through college English classes! I loved growing up Unitarian Universalist, but after all that Sunday school, you'd think I'd know the Bible. But not so much.

Kathy said...

Wow, you are one busy woman! Glad you got to go to the BSO, isn't it fun??? (Except on those work nights when the program goes way late and you want to snooze??)

Good luck with house closing, and Halloween and finishing costumes.

nina beana said...

ooooh you crazy girl, always burnin' that midnight oil. i truly don't know how you do it. gray was begging to see you guys this morning at 5am. good thing i didn't call you to ask for some playtime :)


Anonymous said...

Oh honey, what a week!

wenders said...

What a week! Hope your weekend was at least a little relaxing. And, DON'T worry about my mom reading your comment. I'm sure she laughed. She thinks I'm a prude anyway, so it's pretty funny to me, too. :)