Friday, October 06, 2006

Chilly Friday

Alright, who's the a-hole who bought my Fall Mums and Froggy skeins? Damn it. Not that I'll have the cash to buy them, because ...

I'll probably* be a home-owner!

The inspection went well. After the inspection, Wifey and I flopped on the couch and contemplated the findings. We made this mental list (paper? why, that would be so organized):

Expensive + Expert
- Replace the waste pipe
- Fix leak in the chimney flashing on the roof
- Replace several clapboards near the back porch
- Fiddle with the wiring in the circuit box

Mafia + Trial&Error + Swearing
- Add an additional 6" of insulation in the attic
- Cement a hole in the hot water heater exhaust
- Apply cement to the basement section of the chimney
- Strengthen front porch handrail with big ass spikes
- Re-wire negatively polarized outlet in the kitchen
- Replace dead bolt on front door
- Install ankles and feet on downspouts
- Fill sink hole with stone and soil to keep water out of basement
- Rebuild the walk-in bulkhead/shed
- Install new sheet rock where strange holes appear
- Add several outlets to the 2nd floor

Our final negotiation strategy is this: get them to fix several items on the Expensive + Expert list, and learn how to do the rest. In addition, there's a laundry list of aesthetic issues, but those are window dressing. Well, except the lead paint. That's causing some anxiety dreams. And we're moving along...

I heard this beautiful poem called "Another Life" by Deborah Cummins on NPR yesterday, and it reminded me of the post about my Mom. Mom's leaving for Ireland today, and I'm incredibly thrilled that she's finally able to explore the world.

In honor of last night's dreamy temperatures, this is my cold weather dance, complete with head-to-toe wool. Bring on the wool!

*financing is still pending


maryse said...

ooh i'm the first one who gets to congratulate you!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Still crossing my fingers for the financing to come through... Meanwhile, I have to go to a wedding tomorrow -- OUTDOORS! ACK!!

Kathy said...

I love that poem and hope your Mom has a great trip. In the meantime, you gals are so organized getting your priorities straight about the house and diving in. Hope is goes smoothly.

nina beana said...

sorry we missed you this weekend...but thanks for the holla back and the directions. we did some stalking...went to the fair (didn't see your car) and then went to your house (not home). good thing you know me in real life or you'd be real scared right now about cyberstalking!

hope you had a fallish weekend, filled with pie.

Sneaksleep said...

Love the cold weather dance! Good luck with the trial-and-error-and-swearing part. ;-)

Beth S. said...

You have a leak in the chimney flashing too! Awesome! Ain't old houses fun?...

I did not touch your Fall Mums. Nor your Froggy. But I was powerless against the siren song of Pumpkin Spice. It is probably the single most beautiful skein of yarn I have ever beheld.