Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I woke to Little Man and Wifey engaged in a festival of stubborness. I arrived to clouds across Boston, and my office tea stash completely depleted. I'm sleepy, crampy, anxious about our pending real estate 'investment' and generally feeling mopey today.

So I called my little brother and sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY as loudly and dramatically as I could. He's 25 today, as well as cute, smart, single, 6+ feet tall with sparkling blue eyes and a joyous smile, able to fix a car, loves his crazy sister, mows the lawn for our Mom, speaks his mind, and enjoys a handknit gift:

Any takers? Hiring standards are rigorous. Merely adequate candidates need not apply.

Then I clicked through the Interweave Knits Winter '06 preview again. Must knit, in this order:
- A Cardigan for Arwen (as if my crush on Kate Gilbert needs any assistance),
- Refined Raglan,
- Old World Booties (adorable option for those small baby gifts),
- Venezia Pullover (watch out Sta*more, here comes Eunny),
- Pewter Coat (with a smaller collar), and
- Arctic Diamonds Stole.

I'm cheering up.


maryse said...

happy birthday mafiabro.

the preview looks good. i have to agree.

Anonymous said...

Um, YES. Is he local? I'm totally serious.

pigbook1 said...

Cute brother! I hope your day gets better. Where do you get your tea? Is there somewhere amazing like a LTS? :-) PS "little man" sounds like he makes you laugh enjoy that while you can :-D

Anonymous said...

That preview looks very good. My crushes on Norah Gaughan and Kate Gilbert continue as well. Like the Amy Swenson sweater too (I'll make mine a bit shorter).

Your bro is a bit young for me. Know any nice, eligible guys in their 40's?

Anonymous said...

Oh I must knit A Cardigan for Arwen. I must. Thanks for sharing.
Very cute brother you have there. I hope he has a wonderful birthday!

Thorny said...

Heh. My Must-Knit list is almost identical to yours! Glad to hear IK was able to help ease your crummy day!

Oh, and happy birthday to Younger Brother Mafia!

Anonymous said...

Despite your attempts to hook up your brother, I think it's the link to IK that has me drooling. No offence meant to him, it's just that I only need one SO (and I've got him already), but I need many, many more unfinished knitting projects. Send along some birthday wishes anyway. :)

Danielle said...

Mafia Bro is a cutie :) Happy Birthday!

Have I mentioned that I *heart* Norah Gaughan (even if I can't pronounce her name) and I NEED the IK cover sweater? Why yes, I believe we may have discussed...

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, bro, the darling of all the married lesbians on the block!

I'll be knitting along with you girl. Where to start?

BerkeleyBecca said...

Hmm, it's kind of the round/boat neck issue isn't it? Not that I don't like them. The Norah Gaughan Nantucket jacket is pretty much a must, and I like Cabernet Ribs, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mafia, I hope today is a better day. And many happy returns to your bro. Would you liek to come for high tea and knitting Chez Helix on Saturday, November 11?

Hannah said...

Eunny IS the new Starmore, isn't she? Same classic-and-creative look.

Happy birthday, bro!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Happy Birthday to the Bro! Cute, cute, cute, young and gee I don`t know anyone ... but are you sure he`s looking? Ah ha.

Beth S. said...

So excited about this issue. :-) I just wish the sizing was specified, so I don't have to be brutally disappointed when the sweater I'm crushing on turns out to have only a 32" bust, etc.