Friday, October 13, 2006

Blueberry Pie socks

Lots of house stuff. Lots of negotiation. Lots of emotional roller-coastering.

But I have socks. little is left). And the yarn, oh how I love this yarn.

Aren't they purrr-dee? Look ma, no pooling.

However, there's one potential problem. I may have started the heel too late. Mind you, I'm not a knitting perfectionist, so I tend to leave mistakes in my knitting. But I'm worried about having a mistake that I'll be stepping on constantly. What do you think?

Heel pooch in its natural habitat

Heel pooch after a good bear tug

ETA: 24 Yes. 4 No. Now that's a majority.

I confess. I ripped it out on the train on Friday. The man sharing my 3-seater was staring at me like I was crazy. As if knitting isn't weird enough, apparently frogging is especially weird. Who knew?


Anonymous said...

That heel pooch/pouch would drive me batty but then again I've got hyper-sensitive 'Princess and the Pea' feet.

Beth S. said...

Do you think it will ride up at the back of your ankle when you're wearing shoes? If so, I'd fix it. But I guess it depends on what your personal tolerance of that kind of thing is.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Fix it! You'll never be completely happy with the sock if you don't. And why wait 'til later to frog it and you'll be kicking yourself that you didn't do it in the first place.

I like the way the short heel looks tho *smile* ... other than the turn.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I admit that I would re-knit the heel. From meeting you, my guess is that you will. ;)

Anonymous said...

I said yes, you should reknit, but if I'm honest, I'm not sure I really would reknit!

But then, I'm lazy that way...

Anonymous said...

Good for you on the ripping. I don't know that I would have been so disciplined. At least the color is worth knitting twice.