Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Socks Arrived

Not mine ... but the ones I knit. Karen over at K-Knit was my SockPal and she got her socks already. I'm such a horrible secret-keeper that I'm shocked I managed to keep this one quiet. Here's a photo of the package prior to mailing:

See that spiral bit of paper? That's where I hid the specs - appropriately placed in the extra yarn so she can redo anything that doesn't fit quite right. After I completed the socks, she wrote about the shape of her feet on the blog. I spent Sept 13-14th trying to decide if I should reknit the pair to accomodate her shapely feet. Then I realized I was being insane. Fingers tightly crossed that they fit ...

* Shout out to Danielle for letting me borrow her digital camera 'cuz I forgot mine. Mommy brain.


Karen said...
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Karen said...

I actually thought about that after I made that foot post, I'm so sorry that you spent any time stressing on the socks! They are TERRIFIC and I love them. You chose one of my favorite color combinations, AND one of my favorite yarns, and they absolutely fit! (I finally got some pictures up - tough yarn to photograph, huh?)