Friday, September 16, 2005

Philly Love

I'm off to Philly this weekend to take a professional certification exam, and chill with the BFF&ExGF#2. She's already scoped out some excellent Mafia-worthy activities. First of all, The Loop yarn shop is a short walk from her house. Secondly, we might check out this weird modern dance thing, which sounds SO interesting. I'm super excited about the self-guided Mosaic Mystery Tour to look at Isaiah Zagar's amazing mosaic murals in the South Street area. Everytime I'm in Philly, I walk past these enormous murals in utter awe, so it'll be great to spend some time with each one. If you love these mosaics, look at Philly Magic Gardens for information on the preservation project. Of course I'll take a swing by Giovanni's Room and the amazing Chris' Corner kids book store. I've never checked out Fabric Row before, so if I'm super inspired by these shops, I might have to drop the knitting for a couple months and focus on the machine. Speaking of, I need to find a pattern for a frog costume for Little Man's halloween. Note to self - get thee to Joann's.

Of course, there will also be food and wine. Apparently there is already a bottle of wine waiting for my arrival, and the Indian food restaurant on speed dial. I wouldn't be surprised if the wine is breathing when I show up on her stoop. She's good like that. Her tiny Italian Nan has taught her many wonderful tricks with flour, egg and water, so there's a batch of homemade potato and parsnip gnocchi waiting for me. Also, there's rice milk in the fridge, and a Trader Joe's down the street. Ahh ... the love. I'm going to have a great weekend! Hooray!


Anonymous said...

have a super time and take lots of pix of the mosaics. I love mosaics, and I'd love to hear about your trip when you get back.

Kathy said...

sounds like so much fun! Have a great time. I went to Sophie's Yarns on Walnut St. (it seemed to be an area of antique/funky shops near the Liberty Bell). It was a great store, not cheap, but good selection.