Sunday, September 11, 2005

Dang Nabbit!

You straight ladies are impressive. Without drawing unnecessary attention to MamaCate's near miss, I must remain truthful and confess that Local Egg receives the prize.

BFF&ExGF#2= Best Friend Forever and Ex-Girlfriend #2.

I wouldn't say "Best Female Friend," because I have precious few male friends and therefore would not distinguish male/female. Sorry my dykey friend. I'm sure you speak the tongue better than most. :-P

I originally imagined the prize would be a pair of black wristcuffs emblazoned with "Big Dyke" in neon green beads. Or a wonder woman outfit with "SD" across the breasts and "Super Dyke" along the bottom of the cape.* But I'm thinking that LocalEgg's hubby might not approve.

*BTW I did create such an outfit back in college for a straight girl to wear to the annual campus Drag Ball. That's drag for her, right? I should scan and post a picture of the attire. It was hilarious. I attended said Drag Ball as a conservative right-wing man with ExGF#1 as a right-wing lady. That was drag for us. I thought it was hilarious. On my ultraPC campus, almost noone else thought it was funny. And interestingly, because the ever-fabu BFF&ExGF#2 participated in the Drag Ball antics, she began the journey to GF#2.


christine said...

the conservative drag get-up is amazingly brilliant. did you accessorize with a juicy steak and a stockholding for an oil company? :)

yesterday, our apartment got the new brooks brothers women's catalog, addressed to the previous resident. i almost retched at how smug and rosy-cheekedy-rich the models looked in their $900 beaver coats and $300 tweed skirts. i wonder if the guy to whom the catalog was addressed to (the apartment was previously all male) fantasized about these ladies like other males get it on with victoria's secret catalogs. 'ooh, her argyle socks and trust fund are making me kinda hot...'

i can *so* see it happening somewhere in america. heh.

Andygrrl said...

I knit myself a red cuff that says "DYKE" in black letters, but now I MUST make that black-and-neon-green creation. must. have.

Danielle said...

Wow! Glad you're married now, as I might not be able to keep up with your social life otherwise :)