Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Errata, really?

It's official. I'm a knitter. I have passed a milestone in my fiberly adventures. I have found a mistake in a pattern. Hooray. After much frowning, squinting, consulting the local experts, and poking my wayward cables with my needles, I am fairly certain there's a mistake in the pattern. Without boring you with the details (although I reserve the right to bore you tomorrow), let's just say that the pattern has an 8 row repeat, calling for a zig, a zig and a zag. Repeat. However, the picture looks like a zig, zag, zig, zag, etc. I tried to simply add the missing zag, but alas, it's not exactly correct. So I pulled the knitting off the needles, introduced it to my trust stitch holders and will cast on for a long experimental swatch on the way home tonight. I'm determined to figured this out, damnit!

As for weekend news -- I'll be brief.

1. MY BROTHER IS THE BEST MAN IN THE WORLD (and mind you, I'm a nasty ol' dyke, so that means a lot)

2. The Mafia-mobile has a new engine (well, its actually new "head," but for all intents and purposes its an engine), a semi-leaky radiator, and a tweaked throttle. In spite of the Bro's amazing skill, the Mafia-mobile ended up in our local shop again on Tuesday and Wednesday for additional work. Dear god, will this ever end? On the good side - the Mafia has a head full of car knowledge and the scratches, bruises and burns to prove it. And -- I looked pretty hot with my head under the hood.

3. Taking a long bus trip is not that bad. The bus didn't smell. Noone talked to me. There were only a couple incidents of old-man-fart-smell that quickly dissipated. I did a lot of knitting and watched a mainstream movie that I would've never watched otherwise.

4. I brought 6 projects (!).
- Little Man socks. I finished one, and left the other to rot in the ziploc. Second sock syndrome? For sure.
- Little Man chunky cabled sweater from Zoe Mellor.
- Roo's socks. Didn't touch 'em.
- BFF&ExGF#2's ponchette? Forgot the pattern at home, but still lugged all 6 balls of Karabella in hopes that I'd find an internet connection at my Mom's house. No such luck.
- Mafia socks in beautiful ArtYarns purpley-olivey. No progress.
- I can't remember the last one. Clearly there was no progress.

More errata drama to come. Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

That's a pretty violent movie to be showing on a bus, i.e. to a bunch of people who really have no choice but to watch.