Friday, September 23, 2005

8 hours on a bus

It appears that spending 8 hours on a bus will be the cheapest way to haul the Mafia-ass from MA to NY to pick up the newly repaired Mafia-mobile. Damn! I hate smelly buses.

However, that means 8 hours of undisturbed knitting time. Ah ... the luxury.

Here's a poll -- how many projects would you bring on an 8 hour bus ride? What kinds of projects? How many projects could one reasonably fit into a backpack?

I'm thinking of:
- finishing a pair of Little Man socks,
- starting a Little Man cabled sweater from Zoe Mellor's Adorable Knits for Tots,
- starting the ponchette for BFF&ExGF#2 from Poncho Loco, and
- starting the socks for Roo.

Would 4 projects be enough?? I'll probably have to swatch for the sweater and ponchette. Should I bring my entire needle roll? What if I forget one small notion?

I find it absolutely astounding that ExGF#3 would call me neurotic on her blog. :-)


Anonymous said...

Who wins the prize? Oh my god, that was the best laugh I've had all day.

Danielle said...

Happy bus knitting. I expect lots of FO's on Monday. I'll bring a camera :)

Nadira said...

When I went to Phoenix (followed by Buffalo) for ten days, I took one very dainty carry-on-sized suitcase with clothes for the week and a belly dance costume for a show I was doing in Buffalo.

I also took one very large backpack stuffed with:

- 2/3 of Tivoli, plus three balls of Shine
- my entire set of KnitPicks sample skeins for swatching (all eight of them)
- a ninth ball of non-KnitPicks for swatching
- my denise kit (in a ziplock bag instead of the carrying case)
- cable needles
- tape measure
- dental floss (for cutting yarn
Oh yeah, and my computer and airline tickets.

By volume (if not weight) my knitting took up about 2/3 as much space as my non-dance clothing, and I still wished I had another project to work on.