Tuesday, September 13, 2005

All Roo, All the Time

These days, my knitting is all Roo, all the time. Go see her newly finished cute blue scarf. As I mentioned a few days ago, I'm working on a secret project for Roo's in utero baby boy, so I can't post about that. But I can send some Roo-love into the blogiverse. Here's her first scarf, made for a friend a few months ago. Notice the cute flower pins? Love those. I have a couple of the 2004 version at home. Sometime I'll take a picture and post with more Roo-love.

And here's the fall 2005 version of the flower pin, with the button and top-stitch details added. Yes, that's my bust again. I'm all about the boobies these days. This is officially proof to Roo-the-skeptic that I actually wear the beautiful flowers that she makes me. In fact, if you must know, I wore this particular flower 3 times last week, including to work. Should you need further proof, Danielle will vouch for me.

Several months ago, I bought this awesome sock yarn for Roo's preggie feet. Perhaps I'll make said socks before preggie is complete?

In other Roo-news, she has delighted me by asking if I'll teach her to make these awesome fingerless mittens from Melanie Falick's Weekend Knitting. Hooray! I can't wait to cast on. I have promised Wifey and BaseballBoyGirl (Wifey's 13 yr old sister) each a pair of fingerless mitts. Can't wait. Yeah Roo. You're getting sucked into the knitting void. Mwwwhhhhaaahhaaa!

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nina beana said...

you make me sound way cooler than i am...thanks! what an ego booster. stop working so hard on treats for me! oh ok, go on...you know how much i love treats.