Thursday, September 29, 2005

I love my socks!

My SockPal socks arrived while I was gone last weekend. What a wonderful surprise. My SockPal lovingly included two bars of chocolate from Trader Joes, extra yarn and a cute card. I would've take pictures of the box, but when I came home there was one chocolate bar and one empty wrapper. A little mouse in my house had PMS and ate one of my treats, so we bought a cruelty free mouse trap and set it up. Strangely, we haven't found any mice. Hmmm...

Aren't these beautiful? I am so impressed by her Kool Aid dye job, the pattern, the perfect short row heels and toes, and the length (half-calf). And the colors ... oh, the colors. I am deeply in love. Swoon.

And they fit too. I wore them to work on Tuesday.

Thanks SockPal. I LOVE them! And thanks to Alison for hosting such a great exchange. I'll certainly do this again.

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alison said...

Great socks! so glad that you had fun in the swap. And it was great getting to meet you at the Knit Out!