Friday, April 08, 2005


Woe is my knitting life right now. I have no projects on the sticks, little ambition to begin another one, and not a creative bone in my body. For the last couple weeks I've been skipping my weekly Stitch & Bitch groups for fear of being ejected from the KnittingNation. Grump. Grr. Hrumpf.

Life has been hard, fraught with emotional struggles and draining every ounce of my being. I know this sounds uber-dramatic, but without regaling the blogging universe with tales of torment, suffice it to say that I'm struggling. Of course, my nearly 2 year old son is picking up on Mommy's sadness, and acting out accordingly. Day care reported hitting and biting a couple days ago. I know this is partly due to the fact that he's nearly 2 years old, but he's never done it before. He's usually skipping and jumping and dancing around day care with all his little friends. The teachers love him. They think he's mellow and joyous. So ... what has happened to my little man? He's turned into a sulky toddler. After hearing about the hitting and biting, I spent an entire night with him on my lap -- snuggling, kissing, talking love talk, reading books, assuring, and holding him. In the midst of this tension, I want my little guy to feel stable and loved and protected.

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