Monday, April 11, 2005

Peace for Andrea Dworkin

Brought to my attention by Pinko Feminist Hellcat, I am sad to report the passing of one of the most feared feminists of our time. Although I disagree with her stance on pornography, her passing is significant and certainly deserves the attention of our news media. The New York Times has printed nothing. The Guardian is the first to report her death (about an hour ago). I wrote to the New York Times today, and complained about their lack of coverage. No matter how you feel about Andrea Dworkin, I would encourage you to let the Times know that her life deserves a proper obituary. Write to Scott H. Heekin-Canedy, President, General Manager
of the Times at this email address: And most of all, with all the physical and emotional hell she's been through, Andrea Dworkin deserves a peaceful hereafter. If there's a God out there, may She reserve the highest place of honor for those fearless feminists that paved the way for us younger folks. My wish for Andrea Dworkin - a heaven filled with scantily clad friends, daily massages, pedicures, miles of gardens, piles of books, happiness, freedom, and justice.

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