Thursday, April 14, 2005

Gray Socks & Branching Out

I am officially done with my boring gray knee-high socks. I'll post a picture within a couple days. Both socks have holes at the heels 'cuz I'm wicked bad at short rows. The cast off on one sock is a little tight and requires carefully wiggling said sock over my not-big calf muscles. The cast off on the other sock is fabulously loose for pulling it over my calf, but slides down while walking. So ... does anyone have a good suggestion for my next pair? Please don't say that I should frog and reknit these. I've been so bored by them that there's no way in hell that I'm putting them back on the needles. They shall remain a flawed project, like virtually everything else I knit. But for my next pair, which could be started soon, I would like to hear some suggestions.

In other news, today I will officially start the Branching Out scarf from the new Spring 05 Knitty. Perhaps I'm a boring knitter, but overall, I was not impressed with this Knitty. In every other issue, I downloaded at least 3 or 4 patterns that I loved. But in this issue, well ... there were a lot of weird patterns. Or perhaps I'm not a spring/summer knitter. Maybe I'm an old-school heavy wool cable trekking through the snow piles of New England girl. But I do love the Branching Out scarf. And perhaps once the temperature is regularly above 50 in Boston, I'll be ready for those slinky little tanks.


Pippi said...

i have a grey pair of sox too, they are boring. after i knit the grey pair, i vowed i would embrace color in my wardrobe! hah!
but, for your next pair you could try carrying along an elastic tread in the ribbing. i've done that for knee socks and for regular sized socks, it works well & holds em up for sure!

FemiKnitMafia said...

Thanks, PippiKneeSocks. I'll try it on my next pair.