Thursday, April 21, 2005

Civil Unions in CT

Bittersweet it is, but Connecticut is about to accept gay couples declarations of love and commitment in the form of civil unions. They didn't fully support marriage, but passed civil unions as a compromise measure. I am of two minds on this issue. I'm psyched that CT adopted civil unions, but I'm pissed that they rejected marriage. Isn't it nice to have second-class status? Well ... sometimes. Yes... No... I mean, yes!... no!... ?? Should I drive down to CT on October 1st and add Connecticut to the list of 'states we can live in'? Or should I await a decision in the GLAD court case, and hold out for full marriage rights? I envision the certificate from our Vermont civil union hanging on the living room wall next to the Massachusetts marriage license next to the Connecticut civil union certificate, and it makes me happy to be a part of history. But ... second-class status is still uncomfortable. Why should I have to frame each additional legal state and decide where I can live based on marriage rights, when all heteros can easily move from place to place with no legal impact? It would be nice to know that my basic civil rights are consistent across this fine nation.

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