Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Knitting Extravaganza!

Last night was a festival of indulgence. I held my own personal Mardi Gras at one of my LYS (Wolcott and Co.) last night. I bought and bought and bought, with no regard for my minimal bank account balance and my responsibilites to feed and clothe one small boy.

I needed some Cascasde 220 for the two Nantasket Baskets, as well as some new Addis to make the project truly dreamy. And boy do I love the sock yarn that LocalEgg is knitting up right now, so I had to get some of that, on the off chance that I'd never see it again. It'll be knit into a pair of socks for a secret, much-deserved gift (shh!). And then I found the perfect yarn for my 2005/06 winter hat and mitten set. I've been on a quest for a couple years to find yarn that will match this incredible scarf that I bought in Ireland that gets wrapped around my neck in October and doesn't come off until April. I found a great alpaca/wool yarn called Reynolds Alpaca Regal in color #50 (a beautiful blue/purple), and it was on sale. How could I resist?

So I putting down the Branching Out scarf temporarily to focus all knitting attention on the two Mother's Day gifts that need to arrive at the US Postal Service no later than next Thursday. Wish me luck.

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