Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Thanks Super Eggplant

Pin Striped Bag
Originally uploaded by The Feminist Mafia.
I've been very very bad with the photos lately. I made this little bag with my girl Nina about 3 weeks ago, and I never took a picture. Based on Super Eggplant's Tote Bags 101, we whipped together a couple cute little bags. Now I say it was "based on" for a reason. Of course, I messed up the measuring and was too lazy to "measure twice, cut once" and the bag turned out a little long and skinny. Really, it's appropriate for a bottle of wine or a couple hanks, but little else. Oh well. It's still cute and I love the multi-directional pinstripes. And one more cool thing -- I got the pinstripe material from a pair of pants that I picked up at the Davis Sq. Goodwill. I love recycling old fabrics.

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