Friday, May 27, 2005

Really Weird Google

Check out my new snarky addition to the Template --> over there about half way down. "Really Weird Searches That Drove Traffic Here".

A turban harlot??? The Yarn Harlot might be interested that her site comes up in this way. Perhaps she could indulge us with a photo of her wearing a knit turban? Then there would be a turban harlot for all to see.

Mafia uniform pictures??? Doesn't the mafia want to remain secretive. Don't you think that a uniform would spoil the anonymity? What would a mafia uniform look like anyway? Hmmmm... The Feminist Mafia uniform is typically jeans, clogs, fleece/sweater, long sleeved T (complete with toddler boogers on shoulder), and reading glasses on head (yep, useless, but they're dark-rimmed-lesbian-chic when on face). However, the Super Hero version of The Feminist Mafia would look like a crossover between Wonder Woman (yes, scantily clad ... I am a lesbian afterall),

and Cat Woman (either one-meow!). For those times when a satin suit isn't advantageous, there's black leather to protect the sensitive Mafia skin.

My only request is a few more curves on these sexy ladies. I like the curves. The Feminist Mafia uniform would come in all sizes, but would be designed to look best on real women.

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Danielle said...

Hah! Glad I read you at home not at work today!