Friday, May 27, 2005


Happy Birthday to my best Little Man. He's 2 years old today, and such a sweet and wonderful little person. He's kind and gentle and caring and affectionate and strong-willed and defiant and smart and stubborn and loyal and funny and musical and adorable and MINE. I love this Little Man more than I could've imagined 2 years ago.

I've been involved in several conversations lately about parenting and the politics that go along with it. Here's a fascinating look at teenage parenting over at Feministe. Check it out. Although I'm a 30 year old parent, I can still completely relate to her story. We've dealt with plenty of judgments about our parenting choices, particularly when those decisions are related to money. My favorite part is her terms - FIP and KEI. Hooray to all of us struggling parents!

To all 2 of my readers, light a candle tonight (shabbat shalom, from the Irish girl) in celebration of my cutie blond curly headed Little Man. I wish I could share him with you all, but there's none to spare. I wanna eat him up, he's so perfectly 2.

P.S. Why doesn't the Blogger spell check include "shabbat"? WTF? I'm sending an email. That's annoying.

P.P.S. Okay ... I'll share a little bit of him, since he's so perfect. Here is Little Man (blond) with his BFF Grace (brown).


Anonymous said...

oh!! he is heaven!! want one want one want one.

Jessica said...

Blogger spell check doesn't include much. I usually trip it up with words like "mermerizing" and "knitters." Bah! I just keep adding words so now it doesn't stop on "Koigu." :)

Miss Education said...

Oh my GOD! Those eyes!

Happy birthday, Little Man. I wish you many Legos and action figures.

Erin said...

So sweet!

Hope your Little Man has a great day!

Sheelzebub said...

He is adorable.