Monday, May 09, 2005


Cotton Ease
Originally uploaded by The Feminist Mafia.
After 5 rounds of the "Thumb Turban" game, I came out with this nice little pile of beautiful center-pull balls. I am very excited by the rich colors, photographed in natural light. Thank god I stopped taking pics at night (the only time I'm home, it seems) and took some good natural light pictures. These were lovingly wound in preparation for my long-dreamed-of but also-scared-of project, the Fiesta Tea Set. There's a sassy little girl that belongs to a sassy little Mama I know. This sassy girl is about to turn 2 and loves tea sets. So ... if the Mafia manages to focus for the next couple weeks, there might be a tea set in time.


Anonymous said...

Love those colours

Anonymous said...

Neat. I should learn how to make center-pull balls... how clever!

...and I always love me some bright, natural light photography. Very pretty! : )