Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Finished NB!

Purple Basket
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After felting, this little puppy surely perked up.

I like this pattern. It's easy, but with a couple interesting touches. The welt around the bottom is an interesting little technique, and the i-cord bind off around the top rim was another new technique for me. I love that Susan added a few purl stitches around the top rim so that you can accurately place the handles without meauring and re-measuring and re-measuring a circular item (eek!). Plus, the basket is very functional. Particularly as a Mom, I can imagine thousands of possible uses for it.

Specs - Addi 10.5 circs at 40" using Magic Loop when necessary. Cascase 220 in purple (#8885) and pinky-beige (#8021).

I'm currently working on NB#2 in a green variegated Cascade 220 (#9435) for the main color and a plain green Cascade 220 (#9430). This is also my first time using Cascade 220 and I really like it.

I won't decide which basket to give to Mom and Gram until I'm standing at the post office tomorrow. The green one will be felted tonight, and until I see it, I won't know which to send where. I hear from Danielle at Aswim in Knits that this variegated Cascade looks beautiful and almost misty once it's felted. I can't wait to see how that looks. Hooray. Knitting adventures tonight!

BTW- Aswim in Knits is a brand new blog. Check it out.

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