Monday, September 18, 2006

Freak show

Today I'm a freak show. Although I don't dare post specifics, there's a possibility of some excellent (I think) life changes coming. Huge changes. Scary changes. Expensive changes. Too fast changes.

In the meantime, I'll re-watch this excellent video, The Last Knit. This is me, both metaphorically, and as someone who battles with some biological (or previous drug use related) mental turmoil, perhaps it's quite literal. In any case, only another knitter could understand why this video is so perfect. And only another head-case-freak-show will understand the scissors part at the end.

Thank godog I knit. Now where's my yarn?


somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I cannot watch the video now, but will when I get home. I am going through some similar circumstances at the moment and I am crossing my fingers to bring good luck for you!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

OMG, thanks ... that was great! BTW, there's a ledge at the end of my back yard going down to the next lot & street. I knit in my backyard ... but now I'll be sure not to get too close to the edge, hehe. hahs. slash,slash

Hannah said...

Good luck with your upcoming changes! (Ooh, I have a guess!)

Mad knitters unite. While I totally agree that knitting has saved me, quite literally--I sometimes wonder if knitting also contributes to some of my problem (as it does for the woman in this clip). I suppose knitters who are sane exist and just aren't as obsessive...?

nina beana said...

this is ridonkeyballs. i'm not talking to you until you tell me.

Erin said...

Oooh, good luck with your mysterious potentially life changing stuff!

Hope Neva and I see you at the Knit Out!

(And thanks for referencing GTD and hPDA- I came across it a while back and never pursued it, but now I absolutely must!)

Anonymous said...

Fan-fricking-tastic! Video and my guess at everything else. BTW, I am deeply delighted that you, too, are a Deadhead.

Sneaksleep said...

Can't watch the video at work, but I'm dying with curiosity about your big life chages. I have a guess, but I don't want to jinx anything so I won't say.

Your WIPs are looking great (from the previous posts).