Thursday, September 14, 2006

Gift + Progress

You know it's a good day when something arrives from Canada.

It's a present from my dearest RoRo!

The Canada package contained a hilarious Chicken Scratch bag and pen, some yummy dyke-alicious orange/vanilla loose leaf tea [she knows how to woo a lady], and some cute little pins. The pin shown here is from her excellent show 87% True: The Lies That Bind, which has been touring the Canadian Fringe Festivals all summer.

The three missing pins say "I Dressed Myself Today," which are intended to help Moms avoid social ostracism when Little Man exibits fashion independence. Clearly Little Man was thrilled because I couldn't even get a photo of the pins. but I will. soon. probably while attached to his heinous yellow "turtle shirt".

Wifey said, "It's so strange that you get presents from your online friends."
I smirked and said, "Whatever, she's just a completely hilarious lesbian playwright. It's not like I'm running off to Canada to steal her. No big deal."
I got a raised eyebrow and a dirty look. And now I'll be getting a comment from RoRo's Kate. tee-hee. always causin' trouble.

In other news, I've been clickin' away at my Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed v-neck pullover vest. Look Mom, it might fit! See how it's a tad smaller than my suit jacket? No small thanks to my knitting brain, of course.

Can you tell that photo was taken in my office? Well, Danielle discovered a little camera in our brand new computers. Go see the pix of her awesome new Fountain Lace Cardi. Needless to say, there was inappropriate use of MIT's resources yesterday. Here's my contribution:

My very own Warhol

My eye

My mouth (yes, I used to have a tongue ring)

Now that I've scared you away, have a great day!


Bostonworkerbee said...

I'm "de-lurking" (sort of like "de-cloaking") to say: 1. I'm getting one fo those cool new computers soon too! I hope mine has a cam in it! 2. Sorry to have missed SnB today, I will most def be able to join you next week! Oh - and 3. your sweater is kicking as*!

Bostonworkerbee said...

ANNND I took your survey.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha - hilarious. And you ARE always causin' trouble. Clearly I have some explaining to do about that tea . . . Hope Little Man's new buttons exonerate you as the perpetrator of the turtle shirt!

In other news, those last two photos just really freaked me out. But the sweater looks awesome!

nina beana said...

am i the only one that thinks that last one looks reaaaaaly pornographic?

anywho, love the warholfemiknit.

off to wear my new jewelies for wedding rehearsalness!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

That vest is going to be so nice ... at this rate you'll be done in only one more week or less.

Oh you really should print the Warhol Mafia style into a Poster ... it is too cool. Ya, crazy that I would like that one huh? But the other 2 are freaky ...

Jscothammerquist said...

Hey There !
Love the poster, you look great.
I love the idea of those pins. I could use them for my husband.