Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oh the love ...

Apparently people really like surveys. Thanks ya'll [I can't say that without hearing the Indigo Girls' voices in my head. Anyone else own 1200 Curfews and remember that moment?]. Thank you, thank you, thank you for spending time answering my bizarre-o questions. I'll keep it open for a couple weeks, but let's discuss some of my favorite early entries:

To the person who wrote this:
Q: Thoughts? Wants? Needs? Questions?
A: "Tease: I do know someone who met you IRL and though I've known her for 9+ years I've never met her."
you're killin' me!

To the person who wrote this:
Q: Thoughts? Wants? Needs? Questions?
A: "Why do you want to do what your readers want? Your readers will probably change, at least in part, over time. Why is it important to cater to them? Why not just do what matters to you?"
Yes, you are absolutely correct. But sometimes a girl wants to know where she stands. Are we seeing other people, dating exclusively, ready to back up the U-haul? That's all.

To the people who wrote these:
Q: If you encounter the Mafia in public, do you pinky-swear to say "Hi"?
A: "only if she bites me on the leg -- otherwise how will i know her"
A: "Perhaps even more than hi..."
Be careful what you ask for...

To the person who wrote this:
Q: Should the Mafia write about meeting other bloggers, going to sheep & wool events, craft fairs, etc?
A: "in moderation! I enjoy it, but too much makes me feel isolated somehow."
Yep, that's what I was wondering about. I feel that way myself when I'm reading. In addition to the isolation element, sometimes it feels like high school with the cool kids vs. the rest of us. You know?

To the person who wrote this:
Q: Why do you read FemiKnit Mafia?
A: "She's funny, inciteful, a nerd, and a parent"
Thanks. Smooch.
Wait just a minute ... I'm a nerd? Wait another minute ... did you mean "insightful" or did you intentionally say "inciteful"? hmmm...interesting. In any case, thanks (I think).

To the person who wrote:
"I wish I knew you better"
Meow. That could be arranged. :-)

Thanks again. This is wicked fun! I promise an update later today, once I woo my Local Knitting Buddy into borrowing her camera.

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