Sunday, September 10, 2006

Seasons Change

For someone who is constantly moving, thinking, and comparing myself to others, pure contentment is a rare thing. But this weekend, I've experienced it.

- Farmer's Market

- Recycling center

- Lunch at the Flatbread Pizza Company in Amesbury, MA with Wifey and Little Man

- Holding Little Man while he stared at the fire in the brick oven and squealed "Pizza" every time the cutie teenaged hippies pulled pizza from oven

- Exploring Amesbury and wanting to spend all afternoon at Fiddlestix, a fabulous independent toy store

- Chopping heaping piles of locally grown apples for a pie

- Chopping heaping piles of organic tomatoes in weird varieties from Wifey's little sister's organic farm on the Cape

- Fancy dinner, lots of wine, fresh apple pie and great conversations with our wonderful next door neighbors

- Painting and coloring with Little Man

- Making sugar cookies from scratch and including Little Man in every step

- Closing the windows because it's chilly

- Watching Child Smart's Your Tiny Artist, a wholesome, simple video and listening to Little Man sing, "Can you see the sun? The sun is so warm. Oh, boys and girls what a wonderful world" in tune.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good weekend. I also ended up with multicolored tomatoes this weekend--I think tomorrow they might be mixed with a bit of basil for a tomato-tasting dinner.

Hannah said...

What a lovely post! You conveyed some of that appreciate-the-world vibe to us. A great way to inspire us on a gray and sad Monday morning. (I am writing this at almost exactly the moment that the airplanes hit.)

maryse said...

haha what a wonderful weekend

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I fondly think of apple-picking as fall's ritual to begin. Thank you for the smile, and see you on the 24th!

Beth S. said...

That's a great weekend, all right.

Pie... *sigh*

Emily said...

That all sounds amazing. And look at him! He is so big!