Thursday, September 28, 2006

Brain dump

After reading Caro's podcast reviews, I started listening to Lime and Violet, and if there wasn't so much talk about testicles, I'd have a big crush. Regardless, I might have a crush.

I'm flying through my Ann Budd assisted Jo Sharp sweater vest. I love the yarn. I love the color. I love the fit (thanks Danielle, Rhonda and Beth).

Because I can't help myself
MIT-thanks for the new computer

Left to do: a neckline and one arm hole. Life is good. Speaking of ... wouldn't it be great to have a knitter's version of the classic Life is Good T's? I'm emailing them right now.

Inspired by todays Blue Blog, it occured to me that Sunday (this Sunday!!!) is Oct. 1st, so I'd better get moving on Little Man's annual homemade Halloween costume. Considering his current obsession with Peter Pan, I decided to make a Peter Pan costume for him and a Captain Hook costume for me. Upon hearing this, his next-door best friend decided to dress up as Tinkerbell. Ridiculously cute. I should start sewing this weekend, because if the house deal comes through, our October will be pretty damned busy. But not nearly as busy as our December, January, February, etc. Read on ...

Lest you think my recent bout of house hunting is based on some responsible notion of tax benefits, building of equity, working together toward a common goal ... Rest assured, I am still insane. Proof's in the photos:

Bathroom #1: missing clawfoot tub, holes for plumbing, yummy linoleum and partially painted beadboard (I do LOVE beadboard)

Bedroom #2: kickin' wallpaper and linoleum (hiding original wide-plank hardwood floors)

Looks like fun, eh? Have I ever mentioned how much I adore demo? Banging, slamming, pulling, crushing, stomping. So fun!

I really want this place, and the wait is killing me! Where's my yarn?


carrym said...

Beeeeyutiful sweater! :) What a great color.

Wow, NICE wallpaper! It rivals the crap I was pulling down with the ex. Can't say that I miss it...and you're a better woman than I...I like the demo for about five minutes before I get bored and want to walk away. I *do* really love the "after" shots though.

Thinking lots of positive thoughts your way...

maryse said...

oh i want a virgin on the half shell just like beth has. *snort*

are you sure you want that money-pit ... i mean ... house?


actually if i weren't such a lazy shit i'd go for a house like that myself.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me that I want a sweater vest. (It's about time I knit something for myself.)

Still sending good housing thoughts. That one looks like a fun project. You do know about the architectural salvage yards in Boston right?

BerkeleyBecca said...

Oh yeah. Destruction is fun. Cleanup, not so much.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Pretty in Pink (flowers) huh? Love the wall paper ... what do ya mean it's gotta go? Hey, I bet it's a house that's going to fix up nice! Reiki still going out to ya.

Really hope you guys get it!

And I really, really, really love that vest. It couldn't fit any better.

Anonymous said...

Great vest! You should probably sell tickets to the partial demolition, should you get that far. I'm keeping my toes crossed for you (cause you know I need the fingers for knitting).

Elizabeth Metz said...

Dude, I thought *I* was the only one who did the boobiefeeling thing when the new sweaters were done.

Thank you for making me feel normal for a few moments, at least. :)

And the crush is all kinds of mutual now. :)