Friday, September 08, 2006


High college debt levels mean millions of young people face decades of student loan payments, which in turn can delay home-buying, saving for retirement, and saving to put their own children through college.

"Overall, the level of debt for college graduates is much too high," said Robert Shireman, executive director of the Project on Student Debt. "It's time for policy-makers to adopt practical, cost-effective reforms that make student loans more affordable for families; and states and schools should rethink their approach to financial aid. Otherwise, college will move farther out of reach for generations to come."

-source: Philanthropy News Digest


wenders said...

Seriously? They needed a study for this? They could have just looked at my bank account. ;)

And reform...wouldn't that be loverly?

Anonymous said...

Hells yes! I looked up my total amount owing the other day and I had to go lie down in a dark room for a while. Reform would be just ducky.

Thorny said...

As my hubby would say - TESTIFY!!

I was recently thinking, "You know, I should go back to school to finish my degree - I bet I could make more money then." Of course, I'm still over $10,000 in debt from the first run at college, and add in trying to finish over a decade later? Yeah, right.

I'd still be paying off my student loans by the time my /kids/ were heading off to college!