Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Bruise = very deep purple, arnica slathered (thanks Kat). With all those comments, I Felt The Love.
Sinuses & Lungs = congested, infected, loud, raspy, medicated.

On the Needles
Red Scarf Project = not secret, but not yet blogged. Yet 2/3 finished.
in the Besotted pattern = much love and adoration.
in KnitPicks Swish Superwash = nice, but a bit splitty, especially when frogged.

A Knitter's Mad Libs
It was a sassy day. I decided to stay in doors and work on my A Cardigan For Arwen. Oh Shit! This pattern is green! I have been hardly knitting this 4 days now. It's going carefully. What a wagon! I decided to move on and work on my bra. That is a much tighter knit. Only when I was knitting, I made a hose. Now it looks like a drug instead of a bra. I'm so loud. I guess I'll have to frog and skip it again. Those are the perils of running.
*source: Knotty Bits


This photo was taken a couple weeks ago after our first real snow. Little Man is such a good helper, and this is our basic weekend M.O.: I pick a household project and Little Man helps me. At some point he'll realize this is a racket. But for now, I get some companionship and a little assistance.

However ... hold your breath ... this is the last time my Celtic Cable Cap was seen in the wild. I know. I know. It's hard to fathom. It's a travesty of knitterly justice. Perhaps I lost it. Or perhaps the felting monster made a wee mistake, was too terrified to fess up and shoved the offending piece deep in the trash underneath some old oatmeal. Or perhaps I lost it. I probably lost it. [frown]

The Lesser Knits
With my hat missing and temperatures dipping into the single digits on my ass-crack-of-dawn walk to the train, I broke down and wore in public the formerly beautiful hat that my deceased MIL made for me (now irrevocably stretched out) and the first pair of mittens I ever made. Oh the shame.

To see if I'm really ungrateful, shallow and silly, here's a poll:


Dorothy said...

That bruise is pretty bad! Sent your feet flying over your head did you? I hate when that happens.

Little man looks like a very good helper.

Your poll isn't working. I voted for the it's damn cold out there. I've seen worse knits.

jill said...

You have years yet before Little Man figures out that you are running a racket on him. Believe me, my girls are just now figuring it out and the oldest is almost 16!

When I'm cold, I will wear anything. I do no care if people point, laugh, throw eggs or run me over with their Hummer as long as I am warm!

JJ said...

Well, I need to be warm so I wear whatever is available but I cringe when I have to wear my first pair of mittens with the one HUGE hitchhiking thumb.

I had an ugle bruise like that and I sympathize!

Christy said...

I can sympathize...My first sweater will only be a camping sweater. It can really only be at home with the trees. I also have more recent knits that I can wear in public, but I would never wear into my LYS.

Danielle said...

Aww, I'm sorry about the loss of your hat.

I won't wear the first mittens I ever made. They are the third or fourth thing that I knit. One is bigger than the other and they are made of ... 100% squeaky ack-rylic. I leave them in my trunk as emergency wear...

Anonymous said...

the felting monster denies any knowledge of the whereabouts of your hat. before you go down that road, though, someone (you) would have had to put a wool winter hat in the laundry. who does that?!

you left it on the train, babe.


somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I have to explain my choice in the poll. Any kind of wool handknit beats a "perfectly pretty" store-bought acrylic one in my view, so yes I would wear them.