Saturday, January 27, 2007

When your wife is surro-preggie

Wifey: When's the full moon?
Mafia: Um ... let me see [pause for google-ing] ... February 2nd
Wifey: I think that's the day I'm going to give birth.
Mafia: Oh? Cool.
Wifey: Do you have any idea?
Mafia: When you're going to give birth?
Wifey: Yeah.
Mafia: Nah, I can't even remember your due date
Wifey: You can't even remember that I'm pregnant [giggles]
Mafia: Shut up! I'm not doin' any more laundry for your ass!

Sat. 1/27/07 at 8:32pm


Anonymous said...

Well, that blows Theory A.

Anonymous said...

hope you don't mind I am adding your blog to a little post about my all time favorite blogs! If you do mind, one reads mine anyway!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Do we know the due date?

Danielle said...

Oh, wifey :)

nina beana said...

you can ask me the due date and i'll tell you :)