Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Random Kindness & Dye

lightweight Socks That Rock in Watermelon Tourmaline

Let's talk about love. The love of one blogger for another blogger. Like ... for instance ... when one blogger enters a contest and doesn't win. And another blogger sends Socks That Rock in the mail, unsolicited, for no apparent reason. Seriously. Love.

With all this love around, I ditched all prior knitting plans and commitments and wound balls and cast on for a new pair of socks for me! I'm so excited, I can barely stand myself. THANKS Frickmeister! You made my day, week, month, year!

don't make fun of my polka dot socks + pin-striped pants.
it was 6am when I got dressed and clearly I wasn't awake yet

Then I came home and bathed the Red Scarf. Wash #1: red water

Wash #2: red water

Wash #3: pink water; will this ever end?

Honestly, I was too bored to actually test the stamina of the dye. But ... as a word of warning: do not wash KnitPicks Swish Superwash in Red Pepper with your silky white 'special set' from VS.
[oh, the glory of a mental image ... ]


Anonymous said...

Sweet gift from the Frickmeister! Perhaps you can block some length into Besotted, as needed.

Anonymous said...

Now that is love!

Put the scarf in a large pot and add about 1/3 - 1/2 cup of vinegar or lemon juice. Bring to just boiling then put on a lid and turn off the heat. Leave the scarf in the water until it is cool. Rinse and enjoy. It shouldn't run after that.

Anonymous said...

What a kind friend you have sharing STR! Please be sure to give your opinion for those of us who still haven't tried it.

maryse said...

wow, what lovely balls you have! such lovely hand wound balls.

Lucy said...

Try adding some white vinegar (a couple of cups) to your rinse water. If all else fails, you can wrap it in plastic wrap while damp and steam it for half an hour or so. If anything will run, it will be red. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Grrrl, there is something very, very wrong with Bloglines. You *disappeared* from my feeds! I had to pop over here the old fashioned way and re-subscribe. Not cool!

But that STR... SO pretty. What's the colorway?

Nadira said...

aw, how nice! and yummy colors. like a toned-down pack of sweet tarts

Julie said...

hmmmm. apparently it is important to wash things before you wear them, huh?

I will ponder that.

Gorgeous STR, by the way. :)

Laura said...

Hee hee totally lovely balls!

I just started reading Fricknits and I'm not surprised. She seems like good people to me.

Anonymous said...

There are NEVER enough ball jokes! NEVER!

That's some love right there, that sock yarn. Sweet.

And I had to re-subscribe too! That makes twice in one week! Crazy Blogger . . .

Christy said...

But what if I want it to be my special mottled pink set? The yarn is quite pretty